Taking a break from our hectic lifestyles can be a challenge but it’s all important when focusing on a healthier you

1. Take some time out for yourself

With a non-stop schedule it is difficult to take some time out for yourself. You might be bogged down at work, having family issues or just running on an empty tank. Take some time out and treat yourself to some well-deserved me time. Recharge your batteries with a coffee in the new DLicious cafebar at David Lloyd or treat yourself to some treatments in the spa so you go home refreshed.

2. Spend time with family and friends

It’s our friends and family who makes us that we are. Spending time with them can lift a heavy weight off your shoulders and will force you to remember what in life needs to be prioritised. Going out for a lunch or getting together for a gentle game of badminton, tennis or squash can remind you that it is our friends and family that pick us up and push us along.

3. Relax

We are constantly being told to relax. But, some things are easier said than done. Relaxing doesn’t always entail taking a nap or sitting still for hours on end (although it can!). Why not drop the kids off in the new DL Kids area and de-stress the mind by trying our BODYBALANCE, Pilates or fitness yoga classes? They will not only relax you but will make you feel completely revitalised. Follow with a soothing full body massage at Mia Carmen for the ultimate relaxation experience.

4. Focusing on your needs

It’s easy to forget number one. But make sure you take some time out to focus on your wants and needs. A great way to do this is to make to-do lists or write down an intention you have for that day. For example, I want to feel good in myself. Physically writing it down confirms that want in your own mind and will be easier to achieve.

5. Balance

Balance is key. Balance in all aspects of life can help you achieve a happier and healthier you. Don’t allow work life to outweigh home life or spending time with your loved ones. Take a break from the pressures of modern life and make you the priority for a short while, ensuring that you are maintaining your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Just head over to David Lloyd Ipswich to get started.