For those of you who love makeup, but want to avoid the nasty chemicals and harsh ingredients, mineral makeup is the Holy Grail. Most brands will offer a level of SPF with their products, whilst some will advertise anti-ageing or anti-inflammatory benefits; The English Mineral Makeup Company provides all of these factors, and more.

The newly launched brand is the brainchild of mum and daughter team, Jeanette and Grace Burrows (respectively), from Hertfordshire. Having scoured the cosmetics industry for a makeup brand that would help combat their own skin issues, they saw a gap in the market and set up their own company with the knowledge acquired from Jeanette’s background in cosmetics. Her daughter, Grace, required natural, high-coverage makeup for her young, problem-skin, which would not block her pores; however, these factors tend not to come hand in hand. High coverage foundations are notoriously irritating to the skin, and therefore unsuitable for those with dermatological issues. In contrast, Jeanette longed for a product that would be traceless on older skin, eliminating the appearance of fine lines, age spots and thread veins; again, characteristics antonymous to most second-skin-style foundations, which are often low in opacity.

After spending years leading the development of a new mineral makeup recipe, Jeanette and Grace formed the cure to their own problems. Their products contain top-grade mineral ingredients; they are incredibly lightweight, and nourish the skin at the same time as providing natural, flawless coverage. These products are free from additives, artificial colours, perfumes and preservatives, all of which could cause skin irritation. The formulas themselves are vegan-friendly, as are all of the raw supplies, which are sourced from companies that do not test on animals. Jeanette describes the formula as ‘so pure you can sleep in it’, reiterating the team’s mission to bring customers a mineral makeup in its purest form.

Everybody loves an eye-catching product on their dressing table, and The English Mineral Makeup Company doesn’t skimp on pretty packaging. Placed in neat little boxes with clean white lids simply stating the brand’s name in a delicate, coral serif font, the products’ natural colours are visible through a clear bottom: warm stone for Fairy Godmother, a range of six pinkish hues for Mineral Blush and four deliciously bronzed shades for Mineral Warmth. Each of these products can be worn by themselves in order to bring a dash of colour or contour to your complexion, or combined to achieve a full-faced, yet delicate, base for your eye and lip makeup.

The brand’s flagship product, Mineral Foundation, is available in a whopping 30 shades, from Beige Fairest to Ultimate Warm. If you’ve ever had difficulty finding the right tone for your skin, you’ll never have to worry in future; the Mineral Foundation is grouped into seven categories, accommodating skin from all racial backgrounds: Beige, Cool, Gold, Olive, Neutral, Warm and Ultimate. If, in the rare circumstance, you cannot find the perfect shade for you, English Mineral Makeup will custom-make a sample on request. The formula boasts an SPF of 15, as well as anti-inflammatory, non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic attributes; it is so gentle on the skin that even plastic surgeons and dermatologists recommend it as safe to use even after surgery or skin treatments such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels.

As a rather convenient added extra, each product is supplied with an individual Kabuki brush. This allows you to use one brush for each product, discouraging cross-contamination at the same time as improving hygiene. The brush is comprised of white synthetic hair and a sustainable bamboo handle to ensure seamless application as well as environmental consciousness. Handbag lovers can breathe easy with the addition of a dust bag for each product; mineral makeup can be messy, so these little bags can protect the inside of your favourite tote from any runaway particles.

Prices start from £25, and the collection is available exclusively online at