Fogo Island Inn

A true island retreat. Fogo Island Inn is located in a traditional fishing village off the northeast coast of Newfoundland. As well as being a friendly retreat that welcomes guests with open arms, Fogo Island Inn is an architectural masterpiece that seamlessly blends into the barren yet beautiful landscape.

Saunders Architecture and Sheppard Case Architects Inc. are responsible for the mind-blowing aesthetic of this building as well as the acclaimed design team that includes Todd Saunders, Attila Beres and Nick Heider. The contemporary structure of this building is mixed with local craftsmanship to produce a hybrid of modern living with traditional concepts.

With a nod to the surrounding landscape, Fogo Island Inn appears to be a giant block of ice set upon the sloping mountains of the island, designed so as not to disturb the sub-arctic environment. Locally sourced materials make up the exterior cladding and eco-friendly features are integrated all over the building. Rain water from the roof is filtered and re-used as toilet water and as a way of heating the sink and the solar thermal on the outbuilding panels provide hot water for underfloor heating and kitchen equipment.

The breathtaking aesthetic of this building is not restricted to the exterior. The interior is reminiscent of a luxury log cabin with raw wood furnishings and a deep-soaking tub in every room. Not only is the interior built for ultimate relaxation but there is even a bespoke art gallery curated by Fogo Island Arts that flows with the creativity of the building.

Floor to ceiling windows swing open to reveal the spectacular views of the North Atlantic making this one of the most unique retreats in the world. Fogo Island Inn is not only a private retreat – it can be enjoyed by people from all walks of life and walk-in guests are more than welcome.

Guests can simply visit Fogo Island Inn without booking a room, take a tour around the gallery and take a seat to eat at its glorious restaurant. The creators of Fogo Island Inn claim that: ‘we designed the Fogo Island Inn’s public spaces to be meaningful places to encounter’. The entire format and design of the building reflects the sense of community that the people of Fogo Island take tremendous pride in.