Amazing Spaces


Juvet, Norway


Combining modern architecture with rugged landscapes, Juvet hotel is set in a small village in Norway, on a steep, natural levee between trees and rocks. Designed by architects Jensen and Skodvin, the duo aimed to create a series of minimalist individual rooms that blend in with the landscape. Minimalist and tranquil.


Juvet hotel is built on a nature reserve. The architects placed a high importance on the preservation of the surroundings and sustainability as well as reduced energy consumption. No trees were cut to make room for the buildings; they were designed specifically to minimise disruption to the terrain. Each room was individually designed to make use of the space available and built in winter when the ground was covered with snow in order to minimise any damage to plants in the area.


The hotel has nine unique rooms that are spread across the hills. Seven of these are built into the hills and there are also two bird nesting boxes which are perched on steep slopes.


It’s all about the view. Each room built into the hills has at least two walls that are built of glass so each building gets its own exclusive view of the surrounding landscape. The exterior of the glass walls are mirrored and the remaining wooden exterior is dark so as not to draw away from the views across the levee and of the landscape.


Although not luxury in the traditional sense (there is nobody to carry bags, serve champagne), a stay at Juvet is the ultimate in tranquil.