Anthony Coe, owner of John Russell Art Gallery advises on buying local art

With the advent of spring comes the the idea of spring cleaning in homes and premises, the removal of those tired objects that you have been meaning to replace. This might mean the replenishing of walls with new paint or paintings, something to brighten and rejuvenate. Your first step could be to venture into the mysterious world of seeking works of art, paintings, prints or sculpture, it can be as simple as visiting a local reputable art gallery. There is a popular misconception that one has to be fully conversant in the subject of art in order to enter a gallery, and some people believe that their knowledge (or lack of) will be tested the moment they step foot through the door. But collecting and purchasing an original work of art can be a very rewarding adventure for all, there is not a particular type of buyer, clients and customers come from all different backgrounds, art can present itself in many forms, such as original limited edition prints of etchings, drypoints, linocuts and screen-prints all produced by the artists skilled hand, without the input of any computer wizardry, these are inexpensive and are all signed by the artist, do make sure these are not signed reproductions of eight hundred and fifty as available in high street picture shops. If you have an interest in, or perhaps an inquisitive and receptive mind, then that’s all you would need to view any visual art. Some will choose a piece because of it’s colour, some will be taken by it’s shape or the curriculum vitae of the artist or it might be the price, but if you are arrested by the imagery that is in front of you then it’s doing it’s job of pleasing you the viewer, so hopefully it would have longevity in your home or place of work.

We have in East Anglia a long tradition of art and artists living and working in this area, starting with the likes of Constable, Gainsborough. This long standing tradition of well known artists continues to-day all over the region with contemporary works of art that are affordable now, but if chosen carefully will always be a good investment and appreciate in value. We have at The John Russell Gallery a reputation of representing the very best of contemporary art that is available in our neighbouring counties of Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire. All our artists have what we term as a ‘thumbprint’, a recognizable style, such as Constance Stubbs A.R.C.A, John Brunsdon R.C.A, Michael Carlo R.C.A, Charles Bartlett P.P.R.W.S, R.E, A.R.C.A, Richard Bawden R.C.A, Sarah Cannell, Barry Andrews, Naomi Munuo, Gill Mutch to name but a few. The framing and presentation of paintings and prints is important, so within the gallery we stock in excess of 300 different mouldings and mount boards for all media, watercolours need to have glass and mounts to protect them, where as oils and acrylics can be varnished, all our bespoke framing is executed at the gallery.

The John Russell Gallery is the longest established contemporary art gallery in East Anglia, having been situated on Ipswich waterfront for 35 years, specialising in the works of contemporary East Anglian painters and sculptors. Throughout the year the gallery has regular monthly exhibitions showing its portfolio of gallery artists. We have the pleasure of assisting and providing expertise and guidance to various individuals and institutions in the framing, restoration, valuation and consultancy of works of art.



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