Our beauty correspondent Rachel Gilbey reviews Avante Dynamic Lash Serum, £69, incavante.com

I was a bit apprehensive when trying Avante Dynamic Lash Serum for the first time as I’ve tried other lash serum products before and I wasn’t sure how well it could and would compare. Thank goodness I went in with an open mind, because this is a fantastic product.

Cosmetically formulated to lengthen, strengthen and give you the best lashes.

First impressions may have you questioning how this serum works however it has been designed to provide deep conditioning to the lashes for the maximum results. If you get the opportunity then you should definitely give it a try. The serum is packaged in a silver tube similar to what you would find mascara in and is very light in weight. The top screws off to reveal the eyelash wand and this is what you apply directly to your lashes.

The serum has quite a clinical smell which is a shame but if you can see past that then you have nothing left to worry about. For application, apply Avante Lash serum once per day to clean dry lashes. Brush the serum on the base of lashes as required for conditioning.

Providing 4-5 months of conditioning solution Avante Lash Serum has been designed to improve the appearance of the lashes for a more dramatic effect.

Avante Dynamic Lash Serum claims:

  • To be a revolutionary lash serum
  • To use natural ingredients scented with Rose Flower Water
  • To have nutritional vitamins to strengthen the lashes
  • To be hydrating to condition the lashes

Ingredients include:


Ultra hydrating and soothing base ingredients which locks in moisture and supports growth.


Nourishing antioxidant to support the lashes throughout the growth phase and helps to scavenge free radicals and protect lashes and skin.


Important in aiding the circulation the blood bringing essential nutrients. Serves as a natural preservative.


Antioxidant conditioning agent derived from licorice.


An Ayurvedic herb, Licorice root extract acts as a potent skin and hair conditioning agent.


Conditioning agent to support the nature function of the lash growth cycle.

With each use of the serum I can tell my lashes are becoming stronger and their condition is vastly improving. The application of Avante Dynamic Lash Serum has now become routine before applying my makeup and I am looking forward to using it in the long term. I highly recommend this product if you wish to improve, grow and strengthen the condition of your natural lashes.