As people start to head outside to enjoy picnics and barbecues, local fruit juice producer, Barn Farm Drinks, is offering the perfect accompaniment to alfresco meals.

Based in Manningtree, Essex, Barn Farm Drinks is one of the region’s newest local producers having launched just 18 months ago. The company produces a range of locally pressed fruit juices in four delicious cloudy flavours which are perfect for summer – Raspberry & Apple; Strawberry & Apple; Blackberry & Apple; and Raspberry, Blackcurrant & Apple. They also produce a ‘clear’ version of their signature Raspberry & Apple juice, which is designed to use as a mixer with spirits.

Unlike many fruit juices, Barn Farm Drinks contain 100% pressed fruit, with no added sugar or colours. They also count as ‘one of your five a day’. Every single berry which goes into the juices are grown on site at Barn Farm or locally sourced, while apples come from farms in the neighbouring counties of Suffolk and Kent.

What also sets Barn Farm Drinks apart from its competitors is its innovative approach to pressing. While most other producers use traditional presses, Barn Farm Drinks uses equipment which is normally used to make champagne and sparkling wine. The end result is a fruit juice which is much fresher and lighter where the flavours of the fruit really come through – perfect for summer picnics and barbecues.

Commenting on what makes their juices ideal to enjoy during the summer months, Managing Director of Barn Farm Drinks, Craig Williamson, said: “With Barn Farm Drinks we’ve created a premium fruit juice product which appeals to both adults and children. Our cloudy juices come in four delicious flavours and are packed full of berries which are grown on site here at Barn Farm in Manningtree.

“Our Strawberry and Apple flavour is a big hit with children and is great in fruit punches, smoothies and mocktails. We’ve also just launched a clear version of our signature Raspberry and Apple juice which is designed to enjoy as a mixer with sprits and as a base for fruity summer cocktails.”

Barn Farm Drinks are stocked in farm shops, pubs, cafes and retail outlets across Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk, including more than 90 East England Co-op Stores as part of the chain’s ‘Sourced Locally’ range and the Chelmsford Star Co-op Group’s ‘Only Way is Local’ range.

They are also available to buy online from: