EAUX takes a look at Xavier Athletica, a new British athleisure brand for men.

About Xavier Athletica

Xavier Athletica is an athletic apparel company that designs tailored kit for men who want effortlessly cool gear, to take them from a drink with a mate to a studio workout, to wherever they are next headed – without the hassle of changing rooms and spare clothes. The Xavier I collection has been designed and produced by experienced sports and luxury fashion industry experts.

On the world of men’s fitness, the brand states:

‘We’ve advanced from the days of big weights and endless miles on the road. We now know that we can develop strength, stamina and flexibility in an Ashtanga yoga class, a Pilates class or by working with our own body weight in calisthenics. And today many of us have an everyday understanding of bio-mechanics, to inform our approach to better body conditioning and fitness. It is still rewarding to swing a kettle bell or take to our heels in the hills, but we are mindful of the difference between regular, intelligent conditioning and the rush that comes with pushing ourselves to our limits.’

Xavier Athletica has tailored their gymwear to suit this new lifestyle, creating clothing that is stylish, diverse and functional.



Gym kit from Xavier Athletica is made from 100% cotton. This means that it’s hypoallergenic; it will not make you itch, nor irritate your skin; it breathes well, keeping you cool in hot temperatures and warm in cold temperatures through tiny pockets of air caught between the fibres; and it’s durable, retaining its quality after each wash.

Their fabric is made a bespoke specification. Yarn is turned into cloth, dyed using environmentally friendly dyes, treated to fix the colour, and then tested, and tested again – to ensure that shrinkage will not exceed 5%.

Once the fabric has passed the laboratory’s tests, it is then tailored by a team of Ateliers, to Xavier Athletica’s own design. Finally, they are passed to the Production Team to manufacture, pack and ship to Xavier HQ.

For more information visit www.xavierathletica.com


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Cool Down Hoodie, £129.99

Core Long Sleeve, £69.99

Tailor’s Tee, £54.99