Victoria Guthrie meets the Commercial Partners at Blocks Solicitors

As confidence returns to the economy, Blocks Solicitors Commercial Team is proud to say how busy they are on all fronts. They and their clients are thriving.

In business you need a legal advisor who is clear, proactive and cost effective. A lawyer that you can trust. You need to be able to focus on running and developing your business rather than being distracted with legal matters. Blocks Solicitors, with their emphasis on easy access to lawyers, efficiency and customer satisfaction meet these needs. You can get on with the important stuff – like making money.

I met the four Partners who head the main areas of Blocks Commercial practice.

Andrew Fleming specialises in Company, Commercial and Commercial Property matters. He can assist you with Starting up, Terms of Business, Bank Agreements and funding, Shareholder Agreements and Commercial Leases – among other things. Frances Barker is the Employment Partner. She advises on Employee Contracts and human resource issues, including taking matters through to Tribunal hearings. Gerry Field is the Agriculture and Commercial Property specialist. His clients include leading local farmers and his expertise runs the full spectrum from sale and purchase of land through to advising on diversification and solar and wind farms. Graham Mead leads the Commercial and Property Litigation team. He can assist whatever your dispute, be it with customers that won’t pay, tenants that breach your lease, a contract that has gone wrong or a professional who has underperformed.

All of Blocks Commercial Partners receive mention in the Legal 500. Their huge combined experience and many years of teamwork means that they provide a seamless ‘one stop’ and complete answer for all of your Commercial legal needs.

One of the team’s key areas is that of Intellectual Property and Information Technology, ‘many of our clients want to protect their intellectual property either by registering a patent or trademark or even beginning proceedings for an injunction to restrain illegal use. It is important that clients take steps to protect their position here and we have the expertise to help them do just that’, said Graham Mead.

Blocks are currently involved with sponsoring a series of digital training networking breakfasts that are taking place at Ip-City – Ipswich’s premier tech centre. The remaining dates for these lectures are:

 28 January 2016: 7 Steps to Securing Profitable Customers Online

25 February 2016: 7 Steps to Selling Through Facebook

31 March 2016: 7 Steps to Understanding SEO and Keywords

28 April 2016: 7 Steps to Build your Brand Through Twitter

Whatever your business’ legal requirements, come and meet the Partners at Blocks. With the focus on innovation, cost effectiveness and client care, they are a modern, forward looking firm.