Sean Brkovic, founder of creative design agency, Kovic, based in Ipswich, offers advice for those considering updating their company’s website or thinking about a rebrand in 2017

After years working for award winning agencies in the South-West and Suffolk, graphic designer Sean Brkovic founded his creative design agency, Kovic, last year. Based in Ipswich, Sean prides himself on offering every client, big or small, a personalised service. Bringing client’s visions to life, he offers graphic design, branding, website and photography services with a specialism in digital design and creating meaningful brand identities.

With the New Year upon us, you may well be setting some new goals for your business in 2017. For those thinking that their website could be in need of an overhaul, or that their branding needs a modern update, Sean offers some valuable advice.

If a company’s website is looking tired or dated, why would you recommend an update in 2017?

Technology is always evolving, which means a website is never truly complete. It’s important to update your website regularly, because an old or out-dated site can put off potential customers, especially if you’re selling items online as your site will need to look trustworthy and secure for them to give their payment details.

Responsive design is also incredibly important, nearly 40% of all online shopping is now carried out on a mobile device – that’s a big percentage to lose out on if your website does not work on mobiles.

What are the key signs that a logo or brand isn’t working for that company?

The main one is that they are not getting enough business, or they are seeing the wrong type of customer walk through the door who then doesn’t purchase the product or service. Design is often a subjective thing, but whether you like the logo or not, if it doesn’t appeal to your audience then you’ll end up losing business.

What is the first thing a company should consider when rebranding?

Firstly, they should consider the company’s values and goals. I offer a personalised service at Kovic, and I would begin by getting to know the company inside out so I can create a brand that successfully engages with their potential customers. It’s also very important that they understand who their target customer is; where do they shop, where do they eat, do as a hobby, so the company’s message will appeal to them.

A quote that I like is; ‘Design is not art, design is a process of going to an existing condition to a preferred one.’ A good designer will solve the problems of the current branding by creating a successful brand that works for you, and this in turn will help you achieve your vision for the company.

For those concerned that a rebrand or start-up branding might be expensive, what would you say?

Firstly, it’s an investment. Yes, you can get cheaper products and logos online, but they aren’t going to truly reflect your business as they just churn out general, often template pieces of work. You need something that will communicate your business to the correct audience – they’ll be able to tell straight away if something has been done cheaply. It’s all well and good people trying to create their own logos, but you wouldn’t fix your own car? So why not let the professionals do it for you and that way you’ll have a brand that will be long lasting.

Secondly, it may not be as expensive as you think. It’s always a good idea to enquire and I do offer a special package for start-up businesses. You’ll receive concepts, mock ups and then your developed branding printed on stationery and created ready for social media. Just give us a call to find out more.

What makes a good logo?

A good logo doesn’t need to be overly complicated, it just needs to be effective and work across every platform. It needs to portray the brand correctly and appeal to its target audience. Everything is about getting your message over to the correct audience, without directly having to say it.

Why should a company invest in the creation of brand guidelines?

Not many companies think about brand guidelines, but basically, they create consistency. It ensures that your logo will look the same across all media platforms and when you have an advert designed for a magazine, they will know where everything should go and which colours to use. It’s a manual for your company’s outlook and message.

Every big brand has brand guidelines – and this is what has helped them become a big player as they have managed to get their brand known to the public. I think brand guidelines are key to keep building the success of your brand and gaining brand recognition.

What makes you different to other design agencies?

My personality and outlook on life. I don’t care about jargon I just like to speak plainly. Design is all about the process and having an understanding with the client, building those relationships, as well as building their brands.

You pride yourself on giving every client a personalised service, how do you go about this process with a new client? How do you go from an idea to bringing their vision to life?

I read a quote a while ago, that a good designer doesn’t give a client what they want, but what they need. So our personalised service, we really get to know the client and figure out what they need. It’s important to understand their goals and the final product is tailored to their company and audience.

For more information about Kovic’s services, call 01473 760207.