Dina Kamal Reimagines Retro Jewellery Favourites

It’s a well-known fact that fashion reinvents itself time and time again using inspiration from times gone by; talented designers from all walks of life rouse the details and designs of previous decades, infusing them with contemporary techniques and trends to create pieces that mesh effortlessly into modern day wardrobes.

Dina Kamal has accomplished exactly this. Her latest collection for her eponymous brand, DINAKAMAL DK01, features band-style rings designed to highlight a personalised inscription, reminiscent of the fashionable ‘gourmette’ ID bracelets of the 70s and 80s eras. Clients can purchase a ring and send it to any reputable goldsmith or silversmith for it to be inscribed. The engraving plate leaves enough room for initials, a memorable date or perhaps your loved one’s first name – ideal to present as a very special gift, or to wear yourself. The minimalism of the design means that these beautiful rings can be combined with any outfit choice; therefore you can keep your sentimental inscription close at all times.

The ID/GOURMETTE series is available in three different designs, all of which allocate a space for inscription if desired: the ID Band, a plain ring with a prominent rectangle for the inscription; the ID Double Band – two rings paralleled and connected by the inscription plate; and the ID Torsade, a twisted shank with a plain area for engraving. We at Eaux can’t choose our favourite between these options – they’re all completely wearable!

Sturdy ID Cord necklaces and ID Torsade bracelets complete the collection, all of which are comprised of 18ct gold and handcrafted by highly skilled goldsmiths. The Torsade and Cord designs revisit traditional methods of twisting the gold by hand, ensuring that no two accessories are the same and emphasising the truly unique intention as highlighted by the personalised inscription.

Having trained and practised as an architect in Washington DC, Beirut based Dina has an undoubtedly expert eye for aesthetic and structural composition. Her designs are visually pleasing as well as robust and hard-wearing – you won’t find any hollow jewellery here! Dina is inspired by simple forms created using powerful materials, and by the intricate details that make designs timeless; the ID/GOURMETTE collection is the perfect reflection of this.

Pieces by Dina Kamal are available at Matchesfashion.com and Dover Street Market. You can visit Dina’s website at www.dinakamal.com for more information on her collections.