Ken Hermes of talks modern day maintenance

Modern day living leaves me increasingly busy without much time to pamper myself – perhaps one of the reasons I have a beard, however the importance of looking (and feeling) my best is becoming much more of a priority than in the past.

Is it because I want to look nice in my suit? Or is it essentially a much more egotistical reason altogether? Looking my best provides me with a great feeling of pride and allows me to walk through my daily life with confidence. Sometimes in a busy life it is hard to get yourself to the barber shop, so below are my tips to maintaining your standards in between visits.

It all starts with the face. Perhaps we are lucky, as men, in that we typically do not have to concern ourselves with makeup, or maybe we are unfortunate, as we cannot hide what we don’t want others to see. I’ll let you in to a secret – moisturiser is a God send! Yes, that’s right, I moisturise. I’ve sampled a variety of men’s moisturisers and find that using them leaves my skin looking its best. I like to use a gentle, sensitive moisturiser to ensure I don’t make myself look worse by clogging my paws. The idea is that your skin absorbs the goodness and in turn looks fresh, soft and clean.

But what if you have a beard? Won’t the moisturiser make your hair sticky? Well, I can tell you that there is a different product all together for you.

Beard oil is so simple yet such a pleasure to use. After washing and drying, apply one pipette of your chosen beard oil (I prefer The Whisky Wolf, or Apothecary87) to your hands, rub over your palms and massage into your beard. Ensure that you get to the base of your beard and all the skin underneath. Comb through your beard with your chosen comb and you are ready to go. For added volume and softness, I use a hairdryer whilst combing downwards. The oil will help to promote growth and maintain the health of your beard. It will also ensure that the skin underneath your beard is not dry and leaves you without any beard dandruff. This works well for stubble too.

 ‘Beards are scruffy, I prefer to be clean shaven.’

 A good shave is impossible to beat. Even the hairiest man cannot deny this pleasure. Weather you use a three blade modern razor, a traditional cutthroat razor or an electric shaver, there are some important things to consider: Are your blades fresh and clean? You won’t get the perfect shave unless you prepare your razor. Are you using oil, soap, foam or shaving dry? All these factors will make a difference. Personally, I oil my skin before applying Arko Turkish Shaving Soap with a traditional brush, and opt for a traditional cutthroat razor for my grooming needs. Look after your pores. Using hot water will expose your paws to anything you are using on your face, so when you have finished shaving ensure you wash your face, use cold water to close your pores and then apply your aftershave balm or gel.


 Hair on top

So now that we have ensured our faces are looking good, what about the hair on top? Obviously nothing beats a good visit to the barbers but as I said, it is not always possible to visit as regularly as you’d like. Consider getting your hair cut shorter so that it lasts slightly longer.

Also consider which style you choose. A simple ‘short back and sides’ is not as common as you may think. Modern barbers are extremely versatile and proud individuals and should be able to offer you a lot more than a quick clipper cut. If you are in and out in 10 minutes, you may have reason to question why? A good visit to the barbers should last you around 30 minutes.

In between the all-important visits to the barber shops, you will need to learn to style your own hair. This may involve tricks you never thought you would be doing, for example blow-drying your hair in the morning!

Hairdryers are a great tool for setting your hair into position. A good hairstyle is styled with a hairdryer then finished with products. I style my hair into a pompadour with hot air, set it with cold air then apply strong holding Pomade before sealing the style with luxury hairspray. It may sound like a lot of hassle, but if you have already spent time on your face and beard, why would you not want to complete the routine?

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