At the top of everyone’s wishlist this Christmas is the Gi FlyBike, the world’s first full size folding electric smart bike

Following a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, the Gi FlyBike pitch hit target within five hours of going live on Tuesday 29th September. The Argentinian born Gi FlyBike is set to change the face of urban commuting and cycling.

Lightweight (17kg) and easy to use, the bike is mobile integrated, eco-friendly and folds in just one second and one motion. You can control everything wirelessly, whether you need to lock your bicycle from five metres away via the app, share your bike with a friend via an unlock code, turn the integrated safety lights on, access the GPS and even charge your phone while you pedal. Sync it with your smartphone by attaching it to the bike’s smartphone panel and ride with a full-view navigation system.

The Gi FlyBike offers a timely solution to city commuters both UK and worldwide as they contend with congestion charges, rising parking permit costs and frequent transport strikes. Sign us up!

To find out more about the Gi FlyBike, visit