There are a number of cities in the UK which may not be as famous as London from the tourism point of view; however, they also add to the heritage of UK and hold a strong place in history. Once such city is Liverpool.

If you love travelling and exploring new places, Liverpool is a must-see in terms of English cities. Not just known for its strong links to football, it’s also where The Beatles called home and, in 2007, it was dubbed the European Capital of Culture. Now a centre for luxury living, this cosmopolitan city has been able to bring style, culture and class to the people. For this, it’s a perfect place to take a weekend break.


When visiting Liverpool, there should be no problem when finding somewhere to stay, as the city hosts a vast number of hotels ranging from bed & breakfasts to five star skyscrapers. We recommend Malmaison, a plush and luxuriously decorated hotel located on the stylish docklands. Browse the gallery and book your room online for less using this discount code.


You will be pleased to know that there is a great selection of fashion brands with large stores in Liverpool’s city centre. Bold Street is rated as one of the best shopping districts in the city, with hundreds of unique finds all in one place. Try the ‘Leaf Tea Shop’ for hundreds of different loose leaf teas, ‘Rennies Gallery’ for stunning art and ‘Utility’ for contemporary designer furniture and gift ideas. Save money on purchases with these promo codes.

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Make your way down to Liverpool One, where you’ll find shopping, entertainment and a great selection of restaurants and cafes including the contemporary ‘Pima Bar’ located on a relaxing sun terrace, whilst ‘Palm Sugar’ and ‘Sapporo Teppanyak’ are the perfect places to sample authentic oriental cuisine, and independent grill house ‘Manzo’ makes a mean slow-cooked pork belly.


There are a number of places to drink and relax throughout the city where you can go to find a stylish atmosphere and high quality beverages. One such place is Hannah’s, which is known for its New York style interior, stunning glass roof terrace and bustling atmosphere – it’s so well put together, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re in the Big Apple itself.

Panoramic 34 is one of the tallest bars in the UK, located 300ft above the sea level on the 34th floor of the West Tower, allowing you a good view of the city whilst sipping cocktails with friends.

We hope you enjoy our suggestions, and we hope you come away from the city with a good experience!