Becca Green encourages you to step outside this winter and explore the wonders of Thetford Forest.

It’s too easy to stay in on the weekends in winter. The warm fire, a cosy blanket and sheepskin-lined pyjamas can seem too good too be true. But, instead why not step outside and explore the British countryside at the ‘most wonderful time of the year’?

Wrap up warm and venture into the great outdoors. Thetford Forest has a number of fun and festive activities to do. But, if you’re not quite up to it you can also take pleasure in a long walk with your loved one, remembering what is really important at this time of year.

On Your Bike

Let’s start with the fun stuff. You and your partner can hire bikes to explore the beauty that lies within the forest, winding in and out of wildlife and it’s natural surroundings. There are a variety of routes to choose from with the opportunity for a tour guide to take you on a particular route. Graded by colour, the Green Trail is a beginner route that is great fun for all the family or if you’re more of an experienced off-road biker then the Black Trail might be better suited to you as it covers 11 miles of varying terrain!

Take the High Road

There are 26 walking trails in Thetford Forest, which gives you plenty of opportunity to experience the different species of wildlife and sites that are on offer. If you are a keen bird watcher or take pleasure in spotting a wild deer, bring your binoculars to see if you can spot something special. Or, if photography is your thing, a site like this set on the backdrop of a frosty morning is hard to beat. Just make sure to step back and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the forest.

Whole Lotta History

Why not indulge yourself in a slice of British history? The site of Lynford in Thetford Forest is one of the best-preserved late Middle Palaeolithic sites In Britain and the most important Neanderthal site in the whole of the British Isles. In 2002 archaeological investigation revealed evidence of early human activity in direct association with mammoth bones dating back 65,000 years. This marks Lynford as the only recorded mammoth butchery site in Britain!

For the Kids

Of course there is something for the kids. A handful of interactive play areas will no doubt keep them occupied and will ensure that the whole family has a great weekend exploring Thetford Forest. The Pyramid Tower is a separate play structure offering an exciting 13m-tunnel slide, three more slides, rope bridges and crawling tunnels, just make sure not to slip in the icy conditions.

Before you head off make sure you stop at the trinket shop where you can buy a special gift that will remind you of your visit. Or you could catch a bite to eat at the Forest restaurant. With a range of local food on offer, it will be the perfect way to end your nature-filled trip.

Remember to wrap up warm!

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