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Sarah Jones, personal stylist, talks about those finer finishing touches…

People who feel they look good are easily identifiable. There is something in the way they hold themselves, their walk and the confidence that radiates from them. It is incredibly attractive to others. As a personal stylist and fashion writer, I find great joy in helping people attain their ‘accent’ and believe the key to sartorial assurance is in the finer details.

Confidence can be gained in various ways. Stereotypically it is the latest technology or car that lifts and separates the few from the many. Others find it in having an attractive piece of arm candy on show, (boyfriends and husbands included).

For the long time muse of Karl Lagerfeld, Ines de la Fressange, it’s her shoes. Known for her chic French style, she believes designs should be clean and minimal and that by being specific you can be elegant, ‘you change a millimetre and you change the whole shoe’ she says.

Socialite and emerging style icon Olivia Palermo’s style accent is her glossy hair and luminous skin. These ensure that whatever designer/high street mix up she creates, she always looks polished and well groomed. Her ensembles would be less appealing if she ignored the small, yet effective styling principles that help to achieve her feminine edge.

Indeed, some women would not feel ‘done’ without their hair, nails and skin being just so. Also some men for that matter. I can think of a rare few women who can readjust their makeup, grab their heels and they are instantly on par with the masterly primed and pampered. Maintenance and grooming are definitely an important part of one’s look but I am talking about more. Male model. Although a person’s worth and value is exempt from possessions accents can enhance prominence. Gandy calls it, ‘a subtle and understated presence’. You just know there is something special about them.

British actor and producer Idris Elba is one of these. At 6 ft. 2 inches you would think that his height would be his defining feature, but as a master of modern style-worn traditionally, it is his cool and confident clothing choices teamed with his nonchalant charm that gives him suave. Knowing who you are is unquestionably an important feature and starting point but it’s the finishing touches that sets the truly chic apart.

For the gentleman of taste, exquisite tiepins or collar bars can lift the overall image from modest to magnificent. Think ‘Mad Men’ sophistication. Whether you choose discrete heritage or modern personalisation, great examples of craftsmanship can be found at Tateossian London and online at Mr Porter. Bespoke ties can be ordered at Drakes, Velsvoir and the like.

Fragrance is another game changer. An accent for both men and women it is a modern day calling card. Incredibly personal, perfume can often trigger a memory or emotion and therefore lift the wearer to greater confidence and prowess. Scent communicates moods, tastes and preferences and can be changed accordingly. Like a full stop, fine fragrance can ensure a cohesive look.

It can be as small as updating little luxuries. Just as a fresh hair colour or cut should totally update your image, a new butter soft tote and contrasting scarf, beautiful lingerie or fine jewellery can instantly bring new confidence. By introducing clever little personal upgrades that suit your style you can be instantly transformed. Perhaps you favour the sentimental but desire a new way to wear it. Be brave with your existing items taking inspiration from the people and looks you love.

After all it was Christian Dior that once said, ‘The accent is that little personal touch of great importance’, and it’s true.


Sarah is a Personal Style Consultant working throughout East Anglia and is based in Essex. She has a passion for helping men and women of all ages discover or enhance their personal style. With an excellent knowledge of current trends, a love for classical fashion and a eye for detail why not allow her to assist you with all of your styling aspirations and reveal a more stylish new you?

For further information about her services or to make a booking, please visit; or feel free to speak to Sarah direct on 0777 596 1506 or 01787 462191. Sarah’s Styling Services can be tailor-made to meet your specific requirements so please get in touch to discuss your styling desires.