Maddi Mears treats herself to luxury brow and eyelash treatments with Suffolk-based beautician Laura White

As someone who takes their brow-grooming seriously, I don’t let just anyone near me with a pair of tweezers; however, with Laura White, I knew I would feel at ease. Having entered the world of professional beauty just this year with the launch of her eponymous business, Laura White Beauty, she has become one of the most sought after mobile beauticians in Ipswich and the surrounding areas. The reason? Her professionalism, skill, approachability and attention to detail.

I arranged with Laura to experience a HD Brows treatment, as well as the revolutionary new LVL Enhance treatment which promised to add length, volume and lift to my lashes without the use of extensions.

The Experience

Before we even met, Laura sent me some samples to try pre-appointment; this included a skin test to check if I would have a reaction to the treatments. Whilst many salons require clients to take time out of their day to visit the salon for a skin test, I thought that sending the test in the post is more considerate of clients with busy working lives. Needless to say, I had no adverse reaction to the formula, so I was ready to treat myself to a relaxing appointment with Laura.

Laura came to my house armed with an array of professional equipment, including her own portable beauty couch. After setting up, she asked me to lie on the couch, before placing a pillow under my neck and a bolster cushion beneath my knees – it was safe to say that I was very comfortable.

Whilst I was relaxing on the couch, Laura assessed my eyebrow shape to ensure that the end result would appear natural. She then removed my eye makeup, before cleansing around the eye area to remove excess oil. This was very soothing, almost like I was about to undergo a facial.

HD Brows

We began with the HD Brows treatment. Laura tinted my eyebrows in order to define the brow hairs from the tiny hairs on my face, in turn deciphering the shape that would naturally suit me best. She then waxed any stray hairs using a wax orb, which maintained the temperature of the wax at a comfortable level; whilst this part of the treatment occurred, I hardly felt any pain – bearing in mind that I have very sensitive skin!

This treatment was followed by threading, which was at most a little uncomfortable; but Laura was conscious of making sure that I was not in pain. Before starting on a new section, she placed my hands where the skin needed to be pulled tight, and asked me to lightly stretch the skin to ensure accurate threading. To me, this hands-on approach was extremely helpful, and I felt that I was being included in the way the treatment was carried out.

To finish off, Laura used an HD Brows Browtec Pencil (in the shade ‘Vamp’) to fill in my brows and make them appear slightly more solid. The finished result looked amazing; I couldn’t believe how natural they looked.

LVL Enhance lash treatment

Next came the LVL Enhance lash treatment. Created by Nouveau Lashes, this treatment hits the nail on the head when it comes to the ‘I woke up like this’ trend; the process results in natural looking, voluminous lashes, without the application of extensions. For this, Laura checked the length and colour of my eyelashes so that the end result would appear as natural as my eyebrows; she placed several different ‘shields’ against my lashline to see which would provide the best curve and lift, before affixing a cooling gel pad beneath my eyes and sticking the chosen shield to my eyelids.

I should note here that the LVL Enhance treatment does not damage the eyelashes, unlike other procedures; therefore, you can rest assured that you won’t lose or damage your lashes.

First, Laura applied a lifting balm for 10 minutes and then a volumising solution for 5 minutes.  She then lightly coated the hairs in a blue/black tint, rather than a fully black tint, as this appeared more natural next to my skin tone. The entire process took around 45 minutes, and Laura completed the session by providing me with a sample of conditioning serum and a small comb to use at home for maintenance.

The increase in length, volume and lift the LVL Enhance lash lift creates lasts (on average) six to eight weeks, whilst the tint lasts around a month, providing you’re not excessively cleansing the area. The process also guarantees a gradual return to the natural state of your lashes, ensuring no nasty surprises!

The verdict

Needless to say, I will be making these treatments a recurring part of my beauty regime, and will most definitely go back to Laura again – her professionalism and attention to detail made the whole experience relaxing, and completely put my mind at ease. Book yourself in for the chance to unwind in the comfort of your own home, and have brows and lashes perfect enough to last you through the Christmas party season, and all the way into 2016!

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