If 2014 was the year of the power brow, and 2015 the fuller pout thanks to the Kylie Jenner effect, could 2016 be all about the statement smile?

Achieving the perfect selfie has meant there is growing pressure for men and women of all ages to show off their straight, white and glistening teeth. Despite this, there has been a significant shift away from the fake Hollywood look towards a more natural appearance.

There is also now a strong emphasis on health within the beauty industry where safer, less invasive approaches are favoured over quick fixes – often involving cosmetic procedures or harmful products.

In the same way people are ditching Botox, controversial methods of teeth whitening are losing their grip on today’s new smile seekers. While stain removal and shade lightening are still popular, added assets including anti-bacterial, breath-freshening and enamel repair properties are more in demand.

whitewash Laboratories, an award-winning, cutting-edge provider of teeth whitening and oral care products has developed a brand new range specifically for this sought-after smile, formulated and backed by leading UK dentists.

Nano is an innovative product range which uses whitewash Laboratories’ Enamel Repair Technology© as a key ingredient to help whiten, prevent sensitivity and remineralise teeth.

Clinical director of whitewash Laboratories and professional dentist, Matthew Lloyd, reveals why it is the ideal time to launch Nano. He said: “There is a trend every spring to get onto the summer body bandwagon by hitting the health foods or drinks, and trying out the latest diet or slimming fads.

“However the likes of juices, smoothies, herbal teas, fruit and energy bars can contain high levels of phosphoric and citric acid, as well as a lot of sugar which all trigger decay. Over a few months of the year this can add up to some serious damage, especially as spring approaches and we’re expected to unveil our new selves.

“Our Nano products have been created with the concept of applying a beauty regime to teeth and gums in the same way we would our skin to improve our smile and give long-lasting benefits to our oral health.”

Forget your make-up bag overhaul, what’s in your dental care kit for 2016?
· Nano Whitening Toothpaste £14.95,
· Nano Whitening Mouthwash £14.95,
· Nano Floss with Micro-Riser Technology £4.95,
· Anti-stain Floss £4.95,
· Nano Whitening Toothbrush £4.95,
· and Sensitivity Serum (coming soon).

A healthy smile over a Hollywood smile

A white smile shouldn’t just be skin deep. whitewash Laboratories’ products are free from harmful ingredients often used as a quick fix, protect teeth and gums and freshen breath at the same time – all packaged beautifully.

The Nano range will be available online at www.whitewashnano.co.uk and exclusively stocked in Harrods.

What you need to know about Nano:
· Uses Enamel Repair Technology© to repair teeth and create a radiant sheen
· Utilises nano-hydroxyapatite – an extremely small type of hydroxyapatite crystal which has the ability to re-harden softened enamel, restoring it almost to original form

Added benefits include:
– Coats and fills exposed dentin (calcified tissue and a main component of teeth)
– Improves tooth whiteness and gloss – correlated to an increase in surface minerals and smoothness
– Special micro-polishers remove surface stains
– Helps reduce sensitivity
– Reduces plaque
– Protects against tartar
– Anti-cavity properties
– Anti-microbial properties
– Freshens breath
– Acid-neutralising
– Low abrasion

Nano products contain:
– Potassium nitrate to prevent tooth sensitivity
– Fluoride to remineralise teeth
– Naturally-occurring xylitol to inhibit growth of bacteria which prevents acid attacks

Nano products are free from:
– Alcohol
– Paraben
– Triclosan

Treat yourself to a sparkling smile this summer!