If you’re going sober for October, finding an alcohol-free beverage that still tricks the brain into thinking you’ve had a pint can be a challenging task.

Local brewery, St Peter’s have developed the  St Peter’s Without®, a malty, full-bodied and bursting with flavour – just as you’d expect from a finely brewed ale.

The new beverage, designed for strong-minded, independent thinkers who know when they want a drink and when they don’t, is ideal for those trying to cut down on units, or who often find themselves the designated driver. A real, bona fide choice even for the most ardent beer drinker as it is brewed to the exact same standards as your favourite craft ale, but without the alcohol. In fact, it contains less alcohol than a glass of orange juice.

Why not take control but still enjoy the unique taste of real beer, with no alcohol and at least 25% fewer calories than a standard pint? We promise you won’t be disappointed.

St Peter’s Without® is available nationwide on draft and in the bottle from the middle of August in pubs and supermarkets nationwide. RRP £1.49.