Health Counts is Suffolk’s leading skin laser and aesthetic clinic providing Suffolk with Harley Street-quality service at East Anglian prices.

Having opened in 1988 and moved to Ipswich’s Arcade Street in 1990, Health Counts is the oldest established clinic of its type in Suffolk and has a wealth of experience and qualified medical expertise under its belt. This award winning clinic looks set to continue leading the way for the many years to come.

The exceptional levels of medical and personal service are confirmed by the comments from patients in the regular audits carried out by the clinic. With nearly 3 decades worth of experience, their team of fully trained and qualified technicians, nurses and doctors carry out the procedures within an environment constantly monitored for its safety and efficacy of treatment by the government’s Care Quality Commission (CQC). This is the same license awarded to hospitals, both NHS and Private, as well dentists and care homes – they are all judged by all the same measures – and the last inspection from the CQC reported that Health Counts sailed through all assessments, met the necessary requirements and had great feedback. Sandy De ‘Ath, the resident Medical Director of Health Counts and a GMC registered doctor, oversees all treatments at the clinic ensuring that the quality of service and care are kept at the highest levels.

Unlike beauty salons, Health Counts is medically insured due to the powerful laser equipment used during procedures and because these treatments are medically supervised. As each of the different lasers is a dedicated medical grade stand-alone device, they’re able to get the very best results in fewer treatments than other salon type multi-purpose machines. Beauty salons tend to use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), which is generally cheaper to buy, but not anywhere near as effective as a dedicated single purpose laser. The lasers used by Health Counts are far more powerful, allowing them to achieve better results in fewer treatments.

Health Counts is equipped with an arsenal of specialist skills, techniques and tools for rolling back the years and fighting the tell-tale signs of ageing. Dermal fillers of varying type can be used to replace the lost volume in cheeks, temples and brows as well as around the chin, lips and nose to mouth lines. The result is instantaneous and can last for up to 2 years! Botox is used to smooth and lift the brow. All these injectable medical aesthetic treatments are carried out only by Dr Sandy. She trained in these treatments and advanced techniques in 2005 and has been acclaimed throughout East Anglia for her skill in producing a natural result. Lasers can be used to tackle thread veins, lesions, pigmentation problems and liver spots. Different lasers can be used to treat acne, warts, verrucas and even cold sores. The electronic micro-needling equipment can stimulate collagen and resurface tired or blotchy skin.

Health Counts has also offered laser based tattoo removal since 1995, using 3 different ‘q-switched’ lasers, enabling most tattoo colours to be cleared. This is the safest proven method of removing tattoos and does not leave scarring as the laser only reacts to skin containing coloured tattoo pigments. Again, only Dr Sandy carries out these treatments. These lasers are vastly superior to many machines found in tattoo parlours and with 20 years behind them, Health Counts has more experience in this sphere than anyone else.

The most popular treatment at the clinic is laser hair removal, which Health Counts has been performing for 11 years. During this time, staff have tackled a huge range of varied scenarios and circumstances, providing them with the experience necessary for confronting diverse hair-related issues. With the ability to remove unwanted hair safely on any skin colour and in any area on the body, Health Counts lasers get the best results in the fewest treatments possible compared to any other device. Sarah Carless, Director of Health Counts, states that ‘92% of our patients rated their treatment results between eight to ten out of ten, with 60% awarding ten out of ten’.

Health Counts focuses on patient satisfaction as a priority. Customers enter through a light and airy reception area before having their individual needs assessed by a specialist prior to the commencement of treatment. Potential patients are welcome to a no charge, no obligation consultation in which they would be walked through the procedure, and informed about the risks and side effects of specific treatments. Their service is totally confidential; however the client is able to bring along a friend to accompany them for the duration of the consultation or even the treatment itself. Customers have testified that ‘The service has always been excellent’ with one simply stating, ‘Very happy with my results and lovely staff!’.

 Health Counts are based at 14 Arcade Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 1EJ.

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