The region of Béarn, in south-west France, is best known for its picturesque villages and countryside, forests, rivers, lakes and, of course, for its excellent food and wine. Not many are aware that Béarn, which once belonged to the Navarre kingdom, is also the home of Hedon, the one and only premium cigar-maker, working exclusively with 100% French tobacco grown here…EAUX finds out more about the brand.

Hedon’s history dates back to 1999, when, for the first time, the idea of introducing cigar tobacco cultivation to this area and of setting up a small luxury hand-made production became reality thanks to a group of French entrepreneurs. Since the start of the first tobacco plantation in Navarre, exclusively dedicated to premium cigars, it has taken twelve years of research and experimentation to develop the optimal type of tobacco and master a perfect production technique.The following years were employed to make the cigar production chain more efficient and more sustainable, introducing advanced irrigation technologies in the fields and energy-saving systems in production facilities.


In 2015, backed by a small team of passionate shareholders and supported by the competence of expert artisans, a new management team brought new energy to the project in order to develop the brand on international markets.

Today, Hedon intends to share its expertise and vision with the most demanding cigar lovers worldwide through a premium cigar range of unique and unparalleled quality. Impeccably rolled by artisans of traditional expertise with fillers, binders and wrappers from the Pyrenean Piedmont, Hedon cigars unveil subtle aromas and a deep body that slowly reveals itself, delivering an entirely new and unexpected experience.

Already named ‘Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant’ by the French government, Hedon stands in the wake of the most authentically French luxury and offers an original tasting experience. Its sweet and aromatic notes, both typical and recognisable, are particularly sought after not only by cigar aficionados but also by those who are approaching the cigar world for the first time.

We look forward to hearing more about the cigar-brand in the future.