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LuxeSpa Hot Tubs, based in the Scottish Borders, has just launched a range of spas to suit a variety of lifestyles. If you’re looking for a couple’s retreat, or a family get-together – we have a hot tub for every home.

With hot tub ownership on the rise throughout the UK in recent years, argubly this is the best time of year to own one, boasting numerous health benefits through hydrotherapy it is also a great stress releiver. Whilst everyone light’s the fire this Winter, we’re getting our swimsuits on! Here’s a round up of our hot tub range:

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The Duo is our smaller, more compact spa – but it packs a punch, with two lounge seats positioned opposite each other, 19 massage jets in a varied configuration and a water fountain to complete the whole experience, the Duo is perfect couple’s retreat when combined with a glass of Champagne. This model can be very convenient to those who simply have very little space – it’s smaller size makes it easier for squeezing onto that balcony, decking, small patio or into a wet room.

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If you’re feeling a little more versatile, or just fancy a larger spa, our three seater model Bora model includes 32 massage jets in a varied configuration and a lounge seat for you to sit back, relax and indulge in the bubbles. The Bora sits somewhere between our smallest and largest models and is an excellent entry model – ideal for small families.

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The Montenegro is our five seater spa, it’s spacious, luxurious and boasts a great hydrotherapy experience, with 50 massage jets and two lounge seats – this is our most anticipated model. Your garden would never be the same, with plenty room for family and friends, or perhaps keep it all to yourself?

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The Lucia is the largest spa in our range, holding up to 6 people including a single lounge seat. Large family? Maybe you just want to let everyone know where the party’s at? The Lucia will certainly tick those boxes; it boasts 45 hydrotherapy massage jets in a number of configurations set across it’s seating plan.

All of our hot tubs are fitted with world-class Balboa® control system, boasting the latest technology in the market. Our larger models: The Montenegro and Lucia spas, are the only two in our range that are fitted with a premium Balboa® control system which enables you to control your spa remotely via WIFI – leaving the office? Out shopping? With the Balboa® app (which is available to IOS and Android users), you can control your spa from almost anywhere with an internet connection, no longer will you need to wait until it heats up!

In addition to the above, all of our models have a pop-up speaker system for you to connect your music player to, our spas also come with free steps, insulating covers, cover stands and ambient LED lighting.

The shell material used for our spas is constructed using an acrylic material manufactured by USA based Aristech Acrylics®. The cabinet is made from PVC, instead of wood – this is to ensure your spa condition does not deteriorate with general weathering, it also makes it much easier to clean. LuxeSpa will deliver and install your hot tub, as well as offer spa servicing packages to ensure your spa remains in tip-top condition throughout its lifetime.

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