Here are EAUX, we are wishing everyone the best of luck with their New Year’s Resolutions and want to help make sure you stick to them. We’ve come up with five top tips for sticking to your resolutions in 2017:

  1. Set a reasonable goal

Your New Year’s resolution needs to be an achievable goal. There is no point setting yourself more than two targets because you will never be able to keep track of them and will end up slipping up before you realise it. The best thing to do is set one goal that you are passionate about.

  1. Be Positive

Once you have picked the resolution that you feel passionate about make sure you keep yourself positive. Every day you feel like giving in, just think to yourself, ‘well I’ve kept it up for this long’. You can achieve anything you set your mind to.

  1. Be specific

It is very difficult setting a goal but do not be afraid to be specific as to what you want from this resolution. For example; if you want to give up smoking, then state that you will not have any cigarettes at all. However, if you decide to just cut down the amount you have then say to yourself how much you want to cut down to by a certain month.

  1. Reward Yourself

When you set a resolution, it is sometimes difficult to remind yourself that you’re doing a good job! You need to make sure you reward yourself when you have done well. For example; if your resolution is to lose weight and you set a specific amount. Once you have lost a quarter of this weight, treat yourself. Get yourself that new pair of shoes you’ve been dreaming about because once you start making progress with your resolution you deserve to be rewarded.

  1. Do it for yourself

Don’t feel like you have to set a resolution because it is the thing to do. To set a resolution and stick to it, it needs to be something that you are really passionate about and want to make this change in your life. Do not stress about it. This will decrease the likelihood of you actually sticking to your resolution.

Article by Amy Curtis.