By Jennifer Meredith

If, like me you suffer from dry skin during the winter months, now’s the time to invest in some hardcore skin rehydration in the form of Ingenious Beauty’s Ultimate Collagen+.


Introducing Ingenious® Beauty Ultimate Collagen+, a masterclass in the art of perfecting beauty science

10 years in the making and a first of its kind, this pioneering oral supplement is the only cosmeceutical on the market to offer a unique blend of 100% natural triple actives, including stellar ingredient, astaxanthin. With a unique delivery mechanism to ensure maximum absorption, Ultimate Collagen+ allows the body to fully reap the benefits of its highly advanced formulation.

From age 25 our bodies begin to lose the ability to replenish collagen…

…a protein found in the body’s tissue that acts as the structural support for the skin. The reduction of natural Collagen and hyaluronic acid lie at the heart of the ageing process resulting in the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. Ingenious® Beauty Ultimate Collagen+ offers a superior combination of actives, including the highest quality marine collagen peptide, astaxanthin, and pure natural hyaluronic acid, which can absorb up to 1000 times its own weight in water leading to an increase in hydration and firming of the skin.

Ingenious® Beauty Ultimate Collagen+ is the only supplement available that contains natural astaxanthin…

…a much lauded anti-oxidant known to both repair and reduce UV damage, as well as aiding in the reversal of the external signs of ageing. This new breed of cosmeceutical offers the most superior combination of actives. Nothing else, just powerful, clinically proven beautifying agents, to support your skin’s structure and help you age beautifully.

With its innovative formulation Ultimate Collagen+ demonstrates the highest level of bioavailability – the amount of critical ingredient the body absorbs – through its pharmaceutical grade delivery system. The majority of collagen supplements available are broken down into their constituent amino acids by the stomach’s digestive enzymes losing any true skin care benefits. Ultimate Collagen+, with its low molecular weight and special delivery mechanism which protects it from the stomach’s digestive action, easily travels to the small intestine where its low molecular weight enables the body to speedily absorb the highest levels of nutrients allowing all 3 active ingredients – marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and astaxanthin – to deliver their maximum benefits.

Even the dosage regime uses science to ensure maximum benefit…

…Each Ultimate Collagen+ capsule, containing 340mg of this unique blend, works from within as a natural food supplement that is most readily absorbed when the body begins to sleep. The recommended supplementation is 3 capsules to be taken before bed. The body enters alpha sleep mode in the first 45-90 minutes of sleep and this is the perfect state during which the body can use the formulation to maximum benefit (the rejuvenation mode).

When taken regularly clinical trials have shown that Ultimate Collagen+ will significantly:

• Reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles by at least 26% • Increase skin hydration levels
• Improve skin elasticity and suppleness
• Reduce and repair UV damage

Most will see improvements within 20 days of taking Ultimate Collagen+. For best results it should be taken regularly. Individual results may vary. Additional reported benefits include stronger nails, thicker hair and improvement in your body’s overall vitality.

You can find Ingenious Beauty’s Ultimate Collagen+ for £75 at

Each jar contains 120 patented capsules (40 day supply)