Victoria Guthrie finds out how a holistic approach is ay the heart of Kerseys Solicitiors

Kerseys Solicitors is a multi-practice law firm based in the heart of Ipswich, playing an integral part in the character and spirit of the local community. The legal team are welcoming and highly-skilled, offering wide-ranging legal services to business and private clients alike with sensitivity and enthusiasm. All team members at Kerseys work cohesively together to provide clients with a complete and effective professional legal service and with a strong conviction that the success of Kerseys long-standing in the community is down to its holistic approach and its culture.

Enjoying a long history in the county town of Ipswich since 1881, Kerseys has long been recognised for its six core specialist areas in company commercial, commercial property, private client, residential property, litigation and family law. They provide well-rounded
and pragmatic legal advice with a transparent fee structure. Under-pinning this is the
firm’s culture.

Senior Partner, James Hayward, with experience of over 30 years, is leading the
firm forwards to reach new heights in its history. He comments, ‘all departments at Kerseys have seen a substantial upward
trend in recent times.’ James leads the Commercial Department and Kerseys Business Legal Services. He comments, ‘Kerseys business lawyers offer comprehensive business services across a wide range of commercial organisations from large multinationals to smaller family owned businesses. We help our clients to both protect and grow their businesses from
start-ups to eventual disposal.

We offer general business services, bespoke legal counsel services and legal audits for business of any size or sophistication. In addition, Kerseys Personal Legal Services offer a uniquely focused client service and a commitment to providing considered advice with empathy and understanding to meet
the specific needs of private individuals
and families.’

So what is the firm’s culture and why does this set Kerseys apart? Managing Partner, Anthony Wooding comments, ‘culture in our firm has many meanings from shared values, principles and traditions which underpin the firm, to refinement, sophistication and a strong association to art, music and literature.

We enjoy engaging and contributing to the character and spirit of the local community and none more so than through the visualisation of the art exhibited by local artists through-out our offices.

Our current exhibition, The Art of the Law, has been extremely well received depicting unique representations of famous personalities key to the law.’ As a solicitor who also practices as an artist, Anthony has recently chosen to represent the life cycle of work within Kerseys with a Photoshop of four of his paintings, representing Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter (Quattro Stagioni), a reflection and analogy of life and the stages of life where legal assistance is inevitably required and the assistance of a legal mind can bring assurance, confidence and security; Summer is represented in Anthony’s painting ‘Sun Dog’, a small exemplar of which is shown here.