Arriving at my desk this morning I was wading through the numerous emails when one popped into my inbox that caught my attention. Entitled ‘Knickers Model’s Own’ I have to admit I was intrigued.

Reading through the email I was instantly hooked by Caroline Jones’ story. Embarking on a mission to wear only pre-loved clothes bought from Cancer Research UK shops for an entire year, Caroline has so far raised in excess of £60,000 for the charity by depicting her experience through social media posts and now a coffee-table book.

When her mother, Mary, passed away in October 2014 after a brave battle with breast cancer, Caroline had the idea a few months later on New Year’s Eve to raise money for Cancer Research UK by putting together a different outfit each day from the charity shops. Originally setting out to raise just £1,000, by day seven she’d had 97,000 views on her Facebook Page.

Gaining huge momentum, the mum of three attracted attention from members of the fashion elite, bloggers and celebrities who supported her campaign. By the time she completed her year she had 10,000+ Facebook likes, 2500+ followers on Instagram and 1,400+ donations on her JustGiving page.

Taking on another challenge this year, Caroline has created a glossy coffee-table book filled with photos of her many different outfits, as well as tips for bargain hunting in charity shops and how to fundraise in style. With a foreword by fashion designer Henry Holland and cover images by Rankin, all the proceeds from the book will be going directly to Cancer Research UK.

An ideal gift for a fashion-lover in your life, the book costs £20 and can be bought from

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