Life’s a beach, Jaunt SS15

International travel accessory brand, Jaunt, takes its name from the act of taking a short trip or journey for pleasure, and its new SS15 luxury travel accessory collection definitely reflects this aesthetic. Comprising eight fun and vibrant pieces in the styles of clutches and beach bags, the collection is inspired by the ‘Artensania’, or craftsmanship, of Mexico and the stunning hues of the 20 cities and lagoons lying along the Mexican Riviera.

Creative Director and New York native, Kim Lai, draws inspiration from her ten years of experience as a designer in the luxury travel accessory industry, having worked on collaborations with Alexander McQueen and Viktor & Rolf in previous years. Her frequent travels emphasise the need for chic and practical accessories fit for the modern jetsetter, which is why her designs include functional elements such as pockets for suntan lotions, button clasps for accessibility and contrasting pocket bags for keeping essentials such as passports, money and keys, safe and secure.

Each handcrafted piece features vibrant pastel and oceanic colour combinations. Jaunt customers can mix and match their beach bags and clutches, as each piece gives a subtle nod to the next. The bags are designed in two colourways: pink, blue and orange, or pink and blue. The beach bags feature these combinations in a strip of raffia weave contrasting with a canvas body in either an eye-catching swimming pool-blue or modish volcanic sand-black, whilst the ‘Sunrise’ clutches feature the weave across the entirety of the bag.

The larger ‘Travel’ clutches offer the weave on one side, complimented by an Italian Nappa leather back and oversized tassel in the dominant colour hue. These clutches can easily store a tablet or small notebook laptop; contrastingly, if your holiday is a screen-free zone, use the clutch to transport travel documents, an escapist holiday read, or simply your favourite beach essentials. With additional padding included specifically to accommodate a full-sized iPad, the ‘Travel’ clutch will keep your belongings safe, as well as stylish.

Not just for the poolside, Jaunt’s designs are incredibly versatile when it comes to keeping stylish and organised back at home. The clutches can easily take you from desk to dinner date with minimal effort, whilst the beach bags are ideal for a run to the shops or a weekend away in the countryside. We can definitely see ourselves using a Jaunt bag for all occasions!

All of Jaunt’s bags are handcrafted in the Alba Adriatica region of Italy, known specifically for its stunning Spiaggia d’argento, meaning Silver Beach, which earned the European Blue Flag for high environmental standards for seven consecutive years. Their luxury travel accessories start from just £55, so you’re sure to find a beautifully crafted Jaunt piece to accompany you on your future travels!

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