Emma Fennymore explores…

Whether you already live in London or you’re visiting on a business the London Art Studies lecture series –exclusive events designed to make learning about art both accessible and entertaining – might be of interest.

The lectures run throughout 2015 and explore hot art topics aligned to major exhibitions in entertaining, sophisticated and social environments – and can be enjoyed by interested beginners through to dedicated art collectors.

Lectures are held by leading art lecturers from the National Gallery, Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Christie’s Education and many others.

 Morning lectures are located at the Bulgari Hotel and serve as the insider’s guide to art on show in London. They provide a look at the most talked-about exhibitions on the London Gallery scene. Under the guidance of Dr Richard Stemp the lectures discuss the background surrounding the art in question and highlight specific aspects that are not to be missed when visiting the exhibit.

Lunchtime lectures provide a new way to experience art. They serve to provide a deeper insight into the meaning behind the artwork and the possible meanings that can be extracted from different pieces.

Evening lectures are also held at the Bulgari Hotel and invite visitors to explore aspects of contemporary art that they may have previously been wary of asking about.

London Art Studies also offer bespoke courses for corporate clients. Whether client entertainment, team-building, or professional development they will incorporate a consultative approach with the aim of delivering the best event to meet your needs.

So with access to the best lecturers in London, luxury locations and behind-the-scenes access to some of London’s top galleries and museums, the London Art Studies lectures are definitely worth a visit.

For more information visit www.londonartstudies.com or call 020 7259 5634