Wimbledon-based bridal boutique Luella’s Boudoir has collaborated with renowned London designer Charlotte Casadejus to create a collection of wedding dresses for the vintage- inspired bride.

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Having spent part of her life living in France, Charlotte Casadejus is more than familiar with the classic haute couture style that we have long desired for our own weddings. Her designs for a collaboration with Luella’s Boudoir are glamorous-yet-bohemian, and have a distinct touch of effortless style weaved into each gown. A combination of long, loose flowing skirts, intricate laces, long-sleeves and high-necklines creates a recipe for showstopping beauty in seven unique styles.

The dresses appear in a range of warm Mediterranean-inspired hues, while further variations of each style have been created with the use of beading and detachable elements. The team have also produced a complimentary set of accessories, including a variety of belts and a stunning hand beaded cape for those cooler evening receptions.

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The collection took over 8 months from conception to completion, due to the use of intricate design techniques including hand painting gold leaf onto the fabric, hand pleating and beading, and producing a unique cornelli lace.

Perhaps most impressively, all of the dresses were made in the UK, assuring the highest quality of manufacturing and materials. Despite this essential British influence, the brands decided on Spain as the location for the campaign shoot, where the lazy sunny weather and beautifully warm tones reflected the laid back essence of the dress collection. Photographed by Ashlee Taylor, we think the photographs capture the garments in their most natural environment – Spanish wedding, anyone?

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