With the world of sonic facial cleansers expanding, it’s no wonder Magnitone have come up with the idea of a sonic cleaning brush for the whole body. The Magnitone Full Monty! Vibra-Sonic Face and Body Brush claims that the combination of pulsed vibrations and sonic oscillations (15,000 oscillations per minute) wobbles dirt out of pores, tones and boosts micro-circulation and gives your face the kind of clean it just can’t get from hands alone. It’s effectively a workout for your skin to leave it plump and glowing.

I’m very functional when it comes to taking care of my skin. I don’t spend hours in the mirror, I get in, do what I need to do then get out – these magazine features don’t just write themselves! I was therefore quite excited at the prospect of a piece of kit that would speed up my routine and do all the hard work for me at the push of a button.

When it arrived in the post I wasn’t expecting such a sturdy and well-made looking piece of kit but was pleasantly surprised. The Full Monty! is surprisingly lightweight and compact; it comes with three different heads: Active Clean (for facial cleansing), The Exfoliator (removes dead skin for a silky smooth bod) and Well-Heeled (to buff those heels to perfection) to cover all areas of the body.

It’s not just the trio of heads that are interchangeable, the Full Monty! comes with five modes which allows it to tailor results and makes it suitable for all skin types and daily use.

I used the Full Monty! every day for a week, trialling the different modes and found sensitive worked best for my skin. From the first use I could feel the difference. My moisturiser absorbed into my face a lot quicker and I found myself using less than normal; by the end of the week my skin looked clearer, more radiant and smoother plus my pores looked much smaller.

After a full week of using the The Exfoliator brush on 2-3 minute cycle, my skin felt smoother, especially on the backs of my arms.

The Pedi-Buff head worked best on dry skin and worked wonders – it’s just a shame it’s not summer so I can’t show off my feet in flipflops!

The Full Monty! charges from the mains on a magnetic USB charging cradle and needs to be left on a deep charge for 24 hours before its first use. The fact that it’s fully waterproof so it can be taken in the shower just adds to my love for this fantastic little gadget. With a standard 12 month warranty and a Magnitone membership card included with your purchase, the only thing that could improve the Full Monty! would be a slightly bigger brush for the body.

The ultimate luxury skincare tool for the modern day woman.Brush-Blue-Range_SCALED