Meriko Gold Coast

Everybody loves the feel of being on holiday away from the hustle and bustle and without a care in the world. For some of you, that feeling will have been your reality for a week or two this summer. Perhaps you went on a beach holiday to the fabulously exotic Maldives, or maybe you opted for a luxury adventure to the desert-locked city of Dubai – either way, you’ve created memories that are no doubt floating in and out of your mind as you sit at your desk, typing away and occasionally glancing longingly over at that photograph of you on a sunset-drenched beach, drinking a mojito and looking out to the endless ocean ahead.

This is a common symptom of Post-holiday Syndrome; however, it can be remedied with the serene and inspiring Gold Coast collection by Meriko London. The new range consists of 9 thoughtful designs: four adjustable rings (including on-trend pinky and midi-rings), a bracelet, a long two-stone necklace, a back necklace, an ear cuff and long earrings – ideal for the bohemian beach-lover in all of us.

These stunning pieces are made from sterling silver coated in gold-plating, and features natural, hand-picked stones in Meriko’s unique ball design. Inspired by nature, the beautiful colours of the collection are sure to give you an air of effortless holiday chic.

EAUX’s favourites are the delicate Agate Bar Bracelet and Rose Gold Grid Ring. Prices start from £39.00, and products are available from the Meriko London website at