A new product from MOOV, MOOV HR, focuses on coaching users to perform optimised workouts based on performing exercises in a target heart rate zone. We find out more…

For workouts to be effective and efficient, it is essential that the HR sensor, if used, collects accurate measurements, something that just isn’t possible with the vast array of wrist-worn HR monitors currently on the market.

As such, Moov has adopted a different stance. By shifting the sensor to the high temples on the side of the user’s head where the skin is thinner, movement is reduced and increased blood flow easier to read, MOOV HR is capable of a much more accurate and reliable measurement. When users hit their target heart rate zone for each training session, they can be confident that they are performing the most effective and efficient workout possible, using more calories, burning more fat and getting fitter in much less time.

The MOOV HR sensor fits in both the Sweatband and Swim Cap, and it can either work independently for purely HR based workouts or alongside the 3D motion tracking MOOV NOW, for full body and form monitoring. The accurate HR measurements recorded provide the AI coach in the Moov app with even more data for the most personalised and detailed feedback possible, but as always with Moov, in an incredibly easy to understand format.


MOOV HR Sweatband

The Sweatband is the first and only product of its kind to coach users through workouts based on target heart rate. The heart rate monitoring headband and Moov-designed audio and visual coach guides users to their target heart rate zone during high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts whilst running, indoor cycling or performing bodyweight circuits.

It also adds passive heart rate tracking to existing MOOV NOW workouts including indoor and outdoor cycling, cardio boxing or running – with endurance, intervals, efficiency or open training to choose from.

MOOV HR Swim Cap

Fitting the sensor into the Swim Cap provides swimmers with continuous heart rate tracking during each length of their swim, providing them with vital information for improving their workouts whilst discreetly fitting into their swimming cap and not interfering with strokes or technique.

Affordable heart rate tracking for all

With one sensor suitable for all sports and exercises and a pre order price of just £45, MOOV HR is incredible value for money and offers everyone the chance to be educated in how to optimise their workouts.

‘Moov has once again stepped outside of the ‘comfort zone’ and instead of launching another product that falls in line with all of the other fitness wearables out there, we are launching a heart rate product that provides its users with much more. We chose to go with the head based heart rate monitor for one simple reason, accuracy. We needed MOOV HR to be incredibly accurate so that our users can train in the most effective and efficient way possible,’ Meng Li, co-founder and CEO of Moov.


Features and benefits of Moov HR:

  • Rechargeable battery: Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery with 1 week typical use (6 hours continuous use).
  • Customisable:MOOV HR is available with Sweat headband or Swim swimming cap
  • Accurate:Photoplethysmogram (PPG) based optical heart rate sensor
  • Lightweight, streamlined design:The core and silicone rubber case weigh just 6.5g
  • Seamless suite of workout programs and levels: MOOV HR is compatible with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts including running, indoor cycling and bodyweight circuits. Constant passive heart rate tracking for swimming, running, indoor cycling and outdoor cycling workouts.
  • Affordable:Compared to competitor models, MOOV HR‘s pre order price for a limited quantity costs just £45, making heart rate coaching far more accessible.
  • Supported by 3rdparty apps but deeper integration with Moov app

MOOV HR is now available for pre-order for £45 and will be priced at £75 once shipping has started. A Sweatband or Swim Cap accessory is included with each MOOV HR and they are also available separately. To purchase MOOV HR, please visit: www.moov.cc