Landspeed can help prepare your car for the winter chill

With the weather seemingly becoming more and more unpredictable, it makes sense to ensure sure your car is prepared, whatever the weather throws at it, be it sun, rain, hail, snow or ice. What’s the fun in breaking down in the snow?

Cars can build up a surprising amount of wear and tear through everyday use, especially whilst travelling to and from work. A winter service will look at the elements of your car that get put under the most strain during the coldest months of the year.  The most common problems drivers face are worn tyres, failing brakes, wiper blade and engine coolant hose fatigue.

The staff at Landspeed advise that although tyres can be checked at home for correct inflation, they cannot be given a close-up inspection for cracks, cuts and wear without the use of a vehicle inspection hoist.

The braking system is the most important device on any car, with modern motor vehicles having many additional systems such as drive traction, ABS and brake assist, it is not always possible to notice progressive deterioration and without specialist knowledge and equipment it is impossible to gauge how good or bad the braking efficiency of a vehicle really is.

Worn brake pads and discs along with worn or damaged tyres can result in increased stopping distance, which could result in a serious accident.  Similarly, other elements of vehicle maintenance cannot be checked without the use of proper tools and equipment, like for instance the antifreeze content of the engine cooling system.

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Did you know that the antifreeze solution in the cooling system not only lowers the freezing point but raises the boiling point too? That means whether you are stuck in traffic or motoring in freezing conditions the engine needs to be protected correctly. It also has anti-corrosive agents within the solution to protect both the engine and the hoses against fatigue. A frozen pipe in the home is an inconvenience, on a vehicle the result can be the end of its life.

On many modern vehicles the windscreen wipers and washers work simultaneously. If the wipers freeze to the screen or the water in the washers is frozen, neither will work, so checking this helps to protect the motors and pumps, which make the system operate. Screen wash and water mix within the system has a limited shelf life and if left too long it will emulsify and block washer jets so it is essential the correct level of fresh screen wash and water mix is in the reservoir to help combat these scenarios.

Exhaust systems are no longer just a means of carrying the exhaust gasses from the engine to the back of the vehicle; there are now numerous sensors and filters built in. They measure the amount of fumes that are created then send signals to the engine to adjust the amount of fuel burnt therefore adjusting the fumes. The filters also catch any particles created as part of the burning process. Exhaust systems can only be checked properly from underneath the vehicle or with the use of the correct diagnostic equipment.

So, why have a winter service? Tyres are checked for adverse wear and tear. The braking system is checked to ensure it is working to its full potential. The engine is checked for correct levels. Water hoses are analysed and antifreeze is checked in the cooling system. Wiper and washer system operation and condition are checked as is the exhaust system for safety and efficiency, as all these things could leave you in a tight spot should they fail on a dark, snowy or icy journey.

Landspeed doesn’t just specialise in winter servicing, they offer many other services such as repairs, M.O.Ts, air conditioning services, welding, tyres, batteries, cam belts and diagnostic checks for all makes and models of car.

Ensure your vehicle can cope with the stresses that winter can bring, save yourself the hassle of being caught out by ensuring your vehicle lives up to your requirements with the team of engineers at Landspeed.

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