Colour is something that appeals to all of us. We each have a favourite, be it lights, darks, neutrals or popping brights; but, disregarding personal preference, we can all agree that specific colours evoke certain emotions, memories and thoughts simply because of their connotations in popular culture as well as exclusive experience.

Jacqueline DePaul, model and fashion blogger as well as humanitarian activist and holder of a degree in Physics, created Movement in Colour to explore the infinite possibilities of creative expression. The colours in this photographic collection inspire and enliven, complimented by the beautiful shapes created by the moving fabric of designer dresses by Tatiana Shabelnik and Gordana Gehlhausen.

Photographed by Lesley Pedraza, these images captivate the viewer, each one with a different story and emotion to express.

Watch the behind-the-scenes footage here.