• An up-to-date expression of Suzuki’s SUV design heritage
• Choice of M16 1.6-litre petrol engine or the D16AA 1.6-litre diesel engine
• Sophisticated colour coordination
• Hard wearing
• Many personalisation options
• EGR system and an electronically controlled VGT helps achieve powerful torque and superior economy
• Incredibly low CO2 emissions 


The new Vitara expresses Suzuki’s SUV styling heritage in a strong looking design. A clamshell bonnet (a hallmark of the Vitara series) gives the front end a look of solidity, and a trapezoid motif front bumper indicates a powerful grip on the ground. Kicked-up body-side character lines and bonnet-side air outlets form motifs from the first generation Vitara. Shoulder lines running the entire length of the body contribute to a look of SUV toughness. Plus, Suzuki’s pursuit of great aerodynamics is reflected in optimally designed bumper openings, in a roof line that slopes smoothly downward toward the rear, in flat under-body surfaces, and in side mirrors and front bumper edges whose shapes are based on the results of airflow analysis. 

The panoramic sunroof consists of two individually sliding glass panels, which extend over the front and rear seats, giving the cabin a more open, relaxed feel. When the sunroof is open it provides an invigorating open-roof experience.

The Vitara was designed with the ultimate in personalisation in mind. Diverse exterior colours and a range of design details enable you to express your personality. Choose from 15 body colours, including three new colours and several two-tone combinations. We love the Atlantis Turquoise Pearl Metallic (ZQN) and it really evokes excitement!

If you want to further stamp your mark on the Vitara you can personalise the front grille, fender garnishes, instrument panel ornament, louvre rings and centrally located clock. Not only this but you can choose from two accessory packages depending on if you prefer a sophisticated feel or a more rugged look.


A boldly shaped instrument panel garnish and a U-shape design around the shift lever communicate SUV toughness. A round clock and air outlets, which are both motifs of the Grand Vitara, give the interior a youthful, sporty look. The dashboard and interior moulding in the cabin feels built to last.

There is a surprising amount of leg room and seats are firm and supportive which is ideal for driving long distances.


The audio system has a seven inch touch panel display that enables intuitive operation and can also be used by people wearing gloves, which is a fantastic touch. A three dimensional navigation map makes landmarks easy to distinguish. 

The system also allows you to use smartphone applications while on the move, ideal for any modern family.


Choose from the M16 1.6-litre petrol engine or the D16AA 1.6-litre diesel engine. With the petrol option, friction reductions combine with weight savings produce superior fuel economy together with high output and torque. With the diesel engine, a new EGR system and an electronically controlled VGT help to achieve equally powerful torque and economy. 

Four transmission settings – auto, sport, snow and lock – allow you to shift the focus of power to completely change your driving experience.

Four-wheel drive is typically seen as detrimental to fuel economy and emissions performance but, Suzuki’s ALLGRIP system enables CO2 emissions that are remarkably low for a four-wheel drive SUV. 

The Vitara also has incredibly low CO2 emissions with the diesel engine. Suzuki’s targets are 106g/km with two-wheel drive and the six-speed manual transmission and 111g/km with four-wheel drive and the six-speed manual transmission.

The Vitara provides great on-road performance combined with off-road capability, a hallmark of the Vitara series.