If you suffer from eczema like me, you’ve probably tried a multitude of different remedies, from shop bought to prescriptions.

In the UK 1 in 12 adults suffer from Eczema and finding something that can manage and prevent the skin irritation is something many are constantly searching for.

Odylique is a Suffolk based brand that is certified by the Soil Association and incorporates organic products, which they say are the key to soothing the skin complaint. Using 100% natural ingredients, the company avoids irritants and allergens such as gluten, soy, dairy and nut oils.

Founded by Margaret Weeds who was desperate to a natural remedy to her family’s eczema, myself and EAUX’s designer, Jo, gave three of the products a try.

Firstly, don’t be put off by the smell. The products are all natural and have a herbal aroma, one that to myself was slightly unpleasant, but Jo didn’t mind at all.

My eczema is the worst on my hands, especially between the fingers. I decided to use the Repair Lotion (£20) instead of usual hand cream and the Ultra Rich Balm (£19) to put on the aggravated areas. After a couple of days use I noticed that the redness had dissipated hugely and the cracks had started to heal nicely. My hands were still itchy, but I think unfortunately they always will be!

I also tried Odylique’s Gentle Herb Shampoo (£12). Again it doesn’t have the most delicious of aromas, but it made my hair feel so soft, look shiny and it didn’t dry out my scalp. Using coconut oil to condition the hair, nettle for scalp health and aloe vera juice, I felt like I needed a few pumps for my thick hair but it was definitely worth it.

Jo also used the Shampoo on her kids hair as they have sensitive skin, and she found that it worked very well for their scalps with less irritation and itching than the regular products she used.

A thumbs up from the EAUX Team.