For more than 100 years Morgan Motor Company have put quality, honesty and design first

Here at EAUX we are big fans of prestigious car manufacturer Morgan Motor Company. After our editor, Victoria, was taken for a spin in a 1940s refurbished roadster en route to a friend’s wedding, she was curious about what it is that has made these charismatic cars stand the test of time.

In 1909 Morgan Motor Company was born by Henry Fredrick Stanley Morgan with support from his father in Malvern, Worcestershire, and for more than 100 years they have been creating exciting and innovative sports cars for sophisticated individuals. Now the last remaining family owned, independent British motor manufacturer, Morgan Motor Company are famous for their unique design and quality of craftsmanship and have been named the most honest car manufacturer in the world.

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It has been said that a Morgan never dies; they are traditionally kept for long periods of time and loved like a family member, being passed down from generation to generation. As wear and tear takes its toll, each component can be replaced to sustain the vehicle’s longevity. Owners can re-chassis and re-body, which makes the cars environmentally friendly and produces little wastage.

With such a sterling reputation for durability and sustainability, it’s no wonder Morgan has been labeled as an honest brand. What has contributed to this? Morgan is a family owned business, a tradition which doesn’t just end with the owners; this extends to the workforce, dealers and customers – every person involved in the business is passionate about every single vehicle made. The cars themselves aren’t brash or ostentatious, and the materials used are authentic and reliable, with the main three being aluminium, leather and ash wood. Simple, resourceful and fun, the charm of each and every Morgan is not easily forgotten.

Although the materials used add so much to each car, it’s really the skilled labourers and craftsmanship that determines the character. Each car is made with love and attention and this is plain to see.

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With less than 200 people in the business, the team is decidedly very small for a car manufacturer. A diverse range of highly skilled people work within the company, ranging from designers and engineers to fabricators, carpenters, upholsterers, mechanics and painters. It’s common to see people with 40 years of experience – the longest serving employee has been working for Morgan for 54 years – teaching those new to the business, passing on their knowledge and skills by word of mouth. One person is responsible for the chassis, which gives ownership of that particular car and recognises that each car is a combination of a small, skilled team each with their own strengths and speciality. No matter how long each craftsman has been with the company, everyone has one thing in common: a passion for making amazing cars.

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Each Morgan starts life in the form of concept sketches and designs. After consideration and tweaking by the various teams, the final designs are made into three-dimensional images on a computer in order to visualise the final product. Once the design process is complete, the product requires approval from owner, Charles. Once signed off, production can then begin.

The chassis shop is where the chassis is laid down, and the drivetrain and wheels are fitted. This allows the chassis to move easily through to the assembly shop, which is where the rolling chassis meets a pre-made body; this body has been through the wood and sheet metal shops to get it to this stage. English Ash is used due to the lack of knots and it also provides high shock absorption. Every piece of wood used is slightly different, which lends itself to a truly unique product and allows Morgan to encourage green manufacturing and sustainable forestry.

Once the body is fitted, the front and rear wings and bonnets are incorporated along with the wiring loom before the car goes to be painted, which is the slowest part of the process.

To paint the car, it is stripped back down so each panel can be painted individually, yet still in the same paint booth. Once the car is painted, it moves into the trim shop where the leather and interior is fitted; this is also where the more personalised touches come from. To ensure the highest British quality, Scottish cows are used for the leather.

Every car is checked at each stage to ensure that it is built to standard. A road test will then complete the mechanical sign off of the car before it goes to PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) to be visually signed off and sent to the supplying dealer. Dealers will then complete their own PDI check before handing over the car to its happy new owner.


Morgan doesn’t conform. Each car is a nod to the classic era of British motoring, incorporating a unique mixture of cutting edge technology, classic materials and striking design.

The beauty of a Morgan is that it has kept the same spirit and beautiful flowing lines since the very first three-wheeler was introduced in 1909. Engines have developed along with other vehicular components, and Morgan have subtly introduced modern electronics and creature comforts such as heated seats, yet the essence of Morgan and the traditional craftsmanship has remained the same.


With all of these carefully considered elements in mind, could it be time to experience the Morgan lifestyle for yourself?


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