Onwards & Upwards

We speak to Julia Neslon-Elgar of Nelson Design UK


2015 is the end of an era and the beginning of an exciting new time for Julia Nelson-Elgar, who is making a bold new move by restructuring and transferring Nelson Design UK out of the showroom on St. Peter’s Street and into her own home in Ipswich. Our editor Victoria visited Julia in her home for a coffee and to find out more about the move. ‘We’ve been renovating our home for the past nine months and so many of our clients have been interested in what we’ve been doing and have said they’d enjoy seeing it,’ explains Julia.


‘That got my husband, James, and I thinking. What would it be like for our home to be our showcase? How wonderful to be able to see your interior designer in their own home? Clients can see first-hand the quality of products from the hand-built kitchens, the bespoke upholstered furniture and the handmade soft furnishings. I love my house. It is what we have worked so hard to achieve and I think that hard work will show clients how much dedication we have for our work and what we can do for them.’ Julia also notes that much of the time she goes out to visit clients in their homes so it’s easier to respond quicker to enquiries. The move will benefit Julia’s clients immensely and it also frees up her assistant Lisa to attend home visits and offer twice the expertise.


The showroom won’t be empty for long, though. Lynn Turner of Cake & Catwalk will be taking the reins in order to grow and expand her business, too. ‘Although I am keeping my shop at DanceEast I really want to stock some new lines and of course have more space and footfall,’ says Lynn. It’s great to see two local businesses expanding and flourishing. Julia comments: ‘I really feel fantastic handing over the premises to Lynn – she will use the building to her business’ best advantage and will be a true asset to St. Peter’s Street.’


The new Nelson Design UK HQ is a purpose built studio in Julia’s garden, which I was lucky enough to see in progress. Julia hopes that the move will allow her to see more clients more often and see new clients sooner, too. ‘While I normally can only see clients during the day on Mondays and Saturdays, I would be able to see them during the week or even in the evening as I can plan my day around an evening visit. Also when clients come to the studio I think they will appreciate seeing me more on a one-to-one basis without interruption.’ This will also free Julia up to spend more time in London sourcing exciting new collections and inspiration.


Much of Julia’s new business is through recommendations or through the website. Without her showroom to draw people in, she plans to encourage new business through regular coffee mornings with a programme of speakers, design surgeries and furniture painting workshops.


To celebrate the opening of the new studio Julia is planning an open weekend in September. If you would like an invitation you can contact Julia via the website

www.nelsondesignuk.com or by calling

01473 857852