Luxury UK travel company, eShores, has launched two new multi centre photography packages allowing customers to have all their holiday snaps taken for them, meaning they can relax and enjoy their trip, while their personal photographer captures those all-important memories on their behalf.

The holiday industry has seen a rise in the employment of personal photographers due to holidaymakers wanting to ensure they get the perfect pictures to keep for a lifetime, not just in their own photo albums but also to include on their social media feeds. The importance of creating the ‘picture perfect’ lifestyle on Instagram and Facebook has led to companies, such as eShores to produce such packages.

With two packages to choose from, eShores lets you take a photographer with you from one place to the next on any multi centre holiday, snapping those key moments at all times of the day and night for £4,740 or customers can upgrade to a deluxe package at £8,890.


The standard package includes:

  • A professional photographer capturing your holiday moments 24/7
  • A choice of filters and 20 paparazzi style photos a day emailed to you and uploaded to the InstaPaps Instagram account
  • Transfers to and from the airports

The deluxe package includes:

  • Everything in the standard package
  • A concierge, hair stylist, and makeup artist
  • A full red carpet experience and VIP treatment
  • A selection of props and floats to enhance your holiday photos
  • Transfers to and from the airport in a limousine
  • Photo edits using a range of software to get the ultimate celeb-style airbrushed pictures
  • Digital photo album and InstaGifts
  • Interview to create a personal magazine feature about your holiday

Travel pictures are a big part of every holiday and Instagram has taken the front seat for social media snaps over the last couple of years. eShores looked into the top travel photo trends from summer 2016 and found pool floats, squad shots, Pokemon, and Snapchat all featured heavily in holiday snaps around the world.

The hashtag #summer2016 has been used 7,641,680 times on Instagram and the most popular emojis used with it were the palm tree, the suns, and the smiley with sunglasses.

Gavin Lapidus, director at eShores, said, ‘It’s so interesting to see the summer travel trends that come up each year around holiday photography. We understand how important it is to get the ultimate holiday snaps to document your travels and capture all those once-in-a-life-time memories, and want to make it as easy as possible for our customers.

‘Our InstaPaps packages ensure you never have to worry about missing a moment of your multi centre trip. They provide you with professional photos that you can treasure forever and share with family and friends. We also get a lot of inbound enquiries from Elvis Presley and Dolly Parton fans wanting a celeb themed holiday too, so I decided to give our customers that VIP edge with our InstaPaps Deluxe package, so they can truly feel like a celeb on holiday.’