Cristian Zuzunaga is best known for his digital-meets-analogue pixel designs. Designer and founder of Zuzunaga design studio, he specialises in unique, colourful interior products, textiles and fashion accessories.

Born in 1978 in Barcelona to a Catalan mother and Peruvian father, Zuzunaga’s rich cultural background instilled in him an urge to discover, explore and create. From the age of 17, he travelled the world, moving from place to place with the aim of defining his place in the world. He finally settled in London, where he has resided for the part 13 years.

After completing a BA in Typo/Graphic Design at the London College of Communication, Zuzunaga went on to acquire an MA at the Royal Colege of Art. Originally a student of biology, he was fascinated by the microscope and the way in which it enabled one to magnify an object to break it down into its smallest parts. Though the biological studies did not last, the practice of magnifying did and, to this day, breaking down patterns and images into their infinitesimal components remains at the core of his work.

His topically relevant mission is to create beautiful products that capture the dynamic nature of contemporary living. Inspired by supermodern architecture and global megacities like London, Barcelona, New York and Shanghai, the designs create a space for human vitality within a digital world. This passion is focused on the pixel, the icon of our time. He works to combine this modern-day icon with analogue traditions and ancient ideas of being.


THE PIXEL TREND, DREAMS CABINET – by Zuzunaga & BD Barcelona Design

A myriad of stunning colours and patterns, the dreams cabinet design is an extension of Zuzunaga’s best known pixel and graphic art style. This piece was inspired by a dream he had, hence its name: Dreams. BD uses artisanal processes instead of mass producing them, meaning that the unique new products have more proximity to art than industrial design.