If ever there was a luxury skincare range that made the most of natural ingredients to address our dermatological concerns, the Goldfaden MD Plant Profusion Collection is it.

Goldfaden MD Plant Profusion – what is it?

This brand new range, launched in October this year, comprises four targeted treatment products: the Supreme Serum (£175), the Energetic Eye Cream (£115), the Regenerative Night Cream (£140) and the Lifting Neck Cream (£125). Each of these contain the exclusive Extract Complex, PURFLORA, which is clinically proven to increase cell turnover by utlising plant stem cell actives and botanical extracts.

In short, these products improve the skin’s luminosity, texture and elasticity, making them ideal for those in search of a new, natural anti-aging regime.

With the exception of the Supreme Serum, each product is lightly scented with a natural citrus oil blend to appeal to the senses, making each application a pleasure to carry out. The weighted glass jars and bottle are coated in an anti-chip soft matte gold finish, and each one of the creams is accompanied by a custom-made spatula for even product distribution (oh how we love a product with a spatula!).

The Supreme Serum

Golfaden MD Plant Profusion Supreme Serum


Apply one or two drops of the Supreme Serum (left) to your face after cleansing every morning and evening in order to reap its luminising benefits. Its push-button top makes it easy to use; just squeeze the formula onto clean hands and smooth into the skin!







The Energetic Eye Cream

The Energetic Eye Cream (below) can be applied in a thin layer across the full eye area, and promises to improve overall healthy skin function including circulation. Regular use will make the eye area appear more rested, refreshed and youthful – as if you’ve just had a full night’s sleep. With pink grapefruit, lemon and lime as active ingredients, this product is sure to liven up your skincare routine!

We loved using this in the morning after cleansing! The cool formula woke up our skin, and banished the puffy bags under our eyes.

Golfaden MD Plant Profusion Energetic Eye Cream

The Lifting Neck Cream

We at EAUX think that the neck just isn’t given enough attention in terms of skincare products. Thankfully, Goldfaden MD’s Lifting Neck Cream (below) addresses our concerns perfectly. This product tightens, strengthens and hydrates the skin around the neck to prevent premature signs of sagging, ensuring that your neck appears just as well looked after as your face. Apply to the neck and décolleté area morning and evening on a daily basis, and witness your skin become more youthful.

Golfaden MD Plant Profusion Lifting Neck Cream


The Regenerative Night Cream

Finally, the Regenerative Night Cream (below) is a good night’s sleep in a pot. Smooth this on each night before bed, and you’ll find that your skin becomes firmer, more radiant and more hydrated due to red and white tea extracts, pomegranate, raspberry, comfrey and bird of paradise.

Golfaden MD Plant Profusion Regenerative Night Cream

Purchase the Goldfaden MD Plant Profusion collection at Space NK.