Natasha Sadler, private client insurance account executive at Scrutton Bland, explains how finding an insurance broker you can trust is just as important as having the right insurance policy

Your home is probably one of the biggest assets you have and making sure you have a comprehensive insurance policy in place is vital. Whether this is for the main family home, your Pied a Terre, overseas properties or the family fleet of cars, we will be able to guide you in finding the right insurance policy that is tailored to meet your needs.

For many years, Scrutton Bland has identified that most clients with significant assets will choose an insurance broker when it comes to their insurance requirements, as usually they have slightly out of the ordinary insurance needs. Many mainstream insurers will not offer the right levels of cover or will be reluctant to insure assets out of the ordinary; this is where our specialist Private Client Insurance team is able to help you.

Our portfolio policies offer greatly enhanced protection and services and can cover a wide range of items, such as fine art, antiques and building reinstatement. We have carefully chosen a panel of specialist insurers who we trust and we know that in the event you are unfortunate to need to submit a claim, you will be covered during this difficult time and we will be there to help you through.   

More often than not we visit our clients personally at their homes which enables us to have a true understanding of the property and contents we are insuring. One of the key benefits of visiting you at home is to help review your level of cover along with offering you risk management and security advice.

Statistics show that up to 20 percent of UK homeowners are underinsured and underestimate the value of the possessions in their home. Does your current broker specialise and understand your home?

Most of us have busy lifestyles, so we have designed a quick contents checklist which helps you review the level of cover you require. No house is the same and all of our clients have different insurance needs.

An added benefit of having a tailored policy is that it gives you peace of mind as it provides you with cover for new acquisitions. This element of cover works well over the festive period and purchasing items on holiday. In the event you were to suffer a loss, on the basis you pay the additional premium to add the item, full cover will be provided for you.

At each renewal date your insurance company will index link your sums insured to allow for additional purchases made throughout the year. This tends to vary each year but this year insurers are applying an increase of around two percent. However, any significant purchases will need to be added separately and your policy amended accordingly. We strongly recommend that your possessions are valued every three to five years to ensure they are inline with the current market trends. Besides listing your possessions, we would suggest you take photos of high value items – in the event of a loss it will be helpful to help identify the exact items that have been damaged, lost or stolen.

Your choice of broker is important; my colleagues and I understand the importance of discretion, trust and professionalism in this niche market, and we have gained a reputation for quality and service.

If you need to assess your sums insured and carry out a contents checklist when your policy is due for renewal, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your insurance requirements in more detail.

You can contact Natasha Sadler via the following:

t: 01206 838400