Our beauty correspondent Rachel Gilbey reviews the BIOEFFECT DAYTIME Cream, £55, bioeffect.co.uk

If you suffer with dry skin, then it can be hard to find a day cream suitable for your skin type. Well if that’s you, then look no further. Packaged in a simple yet elegant pot which fits in the palm of your hand, BIOEFFECT DAYTIME cream is designed with you in mind.

BIOEFFECT DAYTIME is a nourishing and effective anti-ageing day cream which has been specifically developed to work in tandem with BIOEFFECT EGF SERUM and prolong its night-time activity. Use of BIOEFFECT DAYTIME results in plumper and firmer skin that is fully hydrated and appears more fresh and youthful. It is quickly absorbed into the skin and is particularly well suited for use under foundation.
This day cream contains EGF cellular activator, which occurs naturally in human skin and turns on the biological processes involved in maintaining radiant looking skin.

BIOEFFECT DAYTIME cream claims to:

  • Restores youthful glow
  • Works against visible signs of ageing
  • Rehydrates and firms the skin
  • Contains no parabens

The cream is really easy to apply and I integrated it into my morning routine. The cream is a lot thicker than I’m used to and I really had to work it into my skin to ensure I wasn’t left with a cream on the surface of my skin. As a result, I found it better to apply smaller pea sized amounts in more areas around my face and neck as opposed to just targeting each cheek, my T zone, nose and chin as I usually would. The cream is very pleasantly scented and the pot is lightweight and easy to store and transport. I have had no noticeable issues with dry skin while I have been using this product especially around my nose which is where I’m prone to dry skin and my skin has benefitted from being kept hydrated daily.

Overall, this is a great product and I recommend using this on a regular basis if you often suffer with dry skin or if you just want to ensure your skin is kept hydrated especially as the weather is getting colder.