Our beauty correspondent Rachel Gilbey reviews the Rahua Elixir Daily Hair Drops, £93, rahua.com/uk/

I’m very precious about my hair, particularly as in the past various medications I’ve been on have weakened the roots and even made it fall out! Knowing that there are plenty of products out there that are designed to protect and strengthen your hair is reassuring and I am fortunate enough to try Rahua Elixir Daily Hair Drops as featured in magazines such as Vogue and Elle.

This oil is pure and handmade by native women deep in the Amazon rainforest and the drops contain superfine omega-9 molecules that deeply penetrate hair to rebuild its core, strengthen hair follicles and help hair grow long. The product claims to keep hair looking healthy and vibrant as well as softening hair, smoothing flyaways and providing shine.

There are three ‘star ingredients’ used in the oil which are as follows:

  • RAHUA-UNGURAHUA – fortifies weak damaged strands while nourishing and regenerating the scalp and hair follicles.
  • PALO SANTO – “holy wood” is Rahua’s signature scent, which offers a delicate fragrance; the ingredient also provides a soothing aromatherapy experience while shampooing.
  • GARDENIA OIL – Enfleurage process, one of the oldest processes of obtaining pure essential oil.

The hair drops are beautifully packaged and are contained in a little bottle with a pipette dispenser. It is suggested that you apply 1-3 drops of Rahua Elixir Daily Hair Drops into the palm of your hand, rub them together to warm the product and apply on hair ends by pressing and massaging product in the hair. Further to this, for maintenance of scalp health, dispense 1-3 drops on the back of your hand and, using your fingertips to apply product directly onto scalp, massage in a circular motion to improve circulation.

When I first tried the product, I wanted to apply the drops to the ends of my hair so as suggested, I started by putting 3 drops in the palm of my hand. The first thing that struck me was the scent of the drops which unfortunately wasn’t as pleasant as hoped, however it is said that the aroma of the drops is extracted from a flower which is purely natural and chemical free. It claims to provide a soothing aromatherapy which I think I will get used to!

There was no recommendation of when is best to apply to your hair, for example while damp or dry so I applied while my hair was dry as demonstrated by an online video. I have to admit, it felt rather unnatural applying oil to my hair and as a result my hair just became sticky and greasy looking. Not the look I was hoping for… Next time I will try while damp! Besides the aroma and stickiness of the oil, both of which I can look past, this product has bought a vibrancy to my hair and even a compliment while out! I’m hoping once I’ve nailed the perfect time to apply, this product will become a must and will help to restore some health and happiness to my hair.