Myles Davies takes the BMW i8 for a spin.

Looking for an electric car right out of an eco friendly manifesto? A car that not only looks fantastic, but also ticks all the green boxes that you could possibly want? The BMW i8 is the car for you. This futuristic driving machine does not compromise on style or speed for its more efficient elements meaning you can look as good in this as you would in any sports or super car on the market.

Gull wing doors add a touch of luxury not seen since the Lamborghini Countach burst onto the motoring scene. There’s something truly amazing about the engineering of lift doors. At first I was slightly on edge, not wanting to break the hinge, but you soon see that despite its weightless feel, the i8 is built to last.

The sports mode was without a doubt fun and gave the engine the throaty roar that you would expect from the BMW engineers.

With an electric range of 28 miles, supported by a 45 litre petrol tank the i8 has a fantastic range that will ensure you get from A to B in the most environmentally friendly way possible – and in plenty of style, that’s for sure.

Every part of the i8 has been engineered to support less drag and ensure that you are getting the most out of the vehicle, from the scoop on the bonnet to the lines on the boot. Rarely do you see a new car in production that looks like the concept, but BMW have hit the nail on the head with the i8.

You’d be hard pressed to fit a set of golf clubs into the boot – perhaps a set of golf shoes – but this is the case with most sports cars. You can, however, purchase a bespoke LV luggage set, which includes a garment holdall and an overnight bag specifically designed to fit the space provided. What the i8 lacks in boot space it makes up for with the two rear seats (yes, you heard that right!).

The back seats, while there are two, are really only big enough for children. But I must confess that with the addition of ISO fix, BMW have really catered for the imagination and of course there’s that all-important persuasive factor – you can in fact drive the children to nursery in the car with ease.

Interestingly, the i8 is available on lease hire through your business, which instantly make it a very affordable car over a three year period. It can fit the children and works well as an addition to your current family saloon.

I loved every minute of the drive and have already signed up for a September delivery.