Myles Davies tests drives the jaw dropping decadent BMW M4 Coupe

Following on from my love affair with the BMW i8 in the May issue of EAUX, when I got the call to travel back to my friends at BMW, needless to say, I was very excited to find out that I’d be taking the new M4 out for a spin.

It’s not hard to understand why BMW is considered the driver’s brand of choice. For a road car, the M4 is as race ready as you could possibly hope for: the throaty sound of the car as it accelerates; the pop of the exhaust; the rush of the acceleration. The impressive 3.0 litre M TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder engine boasts an acceleration speed of 0-62 in 4.1 seconds and leaves you wanting more, more, more! 


With the impressive dashboard configuration, windscreen projected speedo and bucket seats, this car really does have it all.

Feeling equally at home on long open roads as it does on small, winding country roads, the M4 handles like a dream, sticking to the road without a hint of slip. Turn off traction control and this car then caters for every element of your favorite drive.

I always consider the practicalities of the car for the day-to-day drive, so with that in mind, while the boot space is limited due to the coupe element, there is enough space for a pushchair. With ISOFIX built in as standard you can trust that your little prince or princess will be as safe as houses, allowing you to enjoy the open road and try to avoid those pesky traffic jams we are all so used to sitting in on the A12 and A14.

When it’s time to jet set, bigger cases will need to go on the back seats, just be careful not to mark the leather.

The M4 is a delight to drive; the colour combinations available and very reasonable price means that this car moves up my list of must-haves. Rip roaring speeds and head turning noise makes this one of the most desirable cars that I have driven for a long time.

So are you looking to buy yourself a new
car any time soon? Are you torn between two cars and not sure where to go? Consider getting yourself over to Cooper BMW,, 01473 518048, and book yourself in for a test drive – you will not be disappointed. This is a car that leaves a smile on the face of even the most serious road users.

Hit the accelerator, hear the engine roar and look around at everyone else’s envy as you drive this beautiful beast down the road. BMW, we salute you.