Road Test: Volvo XC60

EAUX takes a look at the Volvo XC60..

Volvo has really stepped up the game with the XC60. Known predominantly for their well-established ‘safest car on the road’ slogan, Volvo has brought so much more to the table with this model. Their core values of quality, safety and environmental care are clear to see with the latest XC60 model.

We had high expectations of the XC60 as we drove across Ipswich to Donalds Volvo. The dealership features the full range of Volvo models plus a comprehensive onsite aftersales department. We arrived at the showroom and were shown around the vehicle by Dan the Volvo Brand Manager who pointed out the main features of the model.

We took the Volvo XC60 R-Design Lux D4 FWD 8-Speed Geartronic Automatic for a spin through the Suffolk countryside, towns and the dual carriageways and by the time we stepped out of the car back at Donalds Volvo in Ipswich we were raving about it!

The XC60 was designed as a solution for drivers wanting a combination of city car and countryside comfort. The design is very different than other SUVs with a low roof, purposeful look and beautiful horizontal lines. This SUV is simple and surprisingly elegant in its design. Small touches like the extra set of washers that sit out of sight make the XC60 a joy. Exterior details include 18inch Ixion alloy wheels rain sensor, rear park assist and active bending xenon headlights and headlight cleaning system.

The interior is kept simple but is obviously well thought-out with an air of luxury. Plush soft leather seats with sports stitching hug you as you relax, holding you comfortably in place throughout your drive.

Unlike other cars which tend to have light coloured fabric on the inside of the roof, the dark fabric in the XC60 and low roof really adds to the experience, making you feel enclosed and completely immersed in the car. 

The heated leather steering wheel feels solid under the hands. It really is luxury all the way. Little touches like the frameless auto-dimming rearview mirror really adds to the immersive experience.

The main central panel and high-resolution colour display are angled slightly towards the driver for more comfortable positioning. This makes controls more intuitive, easier to read and less awkward for the driver’s wrist. Housed in the central panel is the Sensus system for all your entertainment and infotainment needs at the flick of a few buttons.

The Volvo XC60 has enviable boot space – more than enough for everything plus the kitchen sink. The door has automatic opening and closing at the push of a button.

The XC60 has a 2.0 litre turbodiesel D4 engine and the all-new 8-speed gearbox which Volvo will be rolling out for all of their new cars for smooth, seamless driving. Together, the engine and gearbox delivers better efficiency than ever before.

The XC60 feels intuitive and positively effortless to drive. The engine is powerful and the car sturdy yet responsive and light to the touch, allowing you to feel completely in control. You can barely feel the gear changes between one and three and above that it’s completely unnoticeable, providing an incredibly smooth drive. The stop/start feature is very quick to react and road noise is minimal. The low roof really helps the car feel like it’s sticking to the road as you corner as opposed to taller SUVs that have much more lean.

It’s the feel of the Volvo XC60 that really makes it extra special. The well thought out design and spacious interior makes the XC60 a wonderful family car, which would be great both in town and out on the country roads. 

The 8-speed gearbox is a delight, contributing to a really refined driving experience. The XC60 is a great luxury all-rounder and a joy to drive.