16th May – 27th September

Sawdust & Threads is a residency and exhibition that takes de-accessioned museum objects as its material. The project was conceived by artist Caroline Wright and Norwich Castle in partnership with the Polar Museum in Cambridge and UCL Museum & Collections in London.

At each of the partner venues, the artist has undertaken a short residency during which time she has made detailed drawings of the chosen de-accessioned museum objects. These have then been carefully and painstakingly deconstructed.

For the exhibition at Norwich Castle all the drawings will be assembled, along with the museum objects in their various states of deconstruction. The artist will also be in the gallery on particular days so visitors will be able to watch the artistic process unfold and to see the objects returned to their component parts.

The project poses questions around the nature of museum collections. Who owns these objects and how is the value of an object defined? Is value being removed or re-ascribed during this process of deconstruction?



Image credits: Sawdust & Threads, installation view, Polar Museum © the artist & Tony Millings