Joe Stephen, head chef at Hand in Hand, Trimley, showcases three exclusive seasonal recipes. To book a table call 01394 275249


Pork Belly Salad

Serves 4

400g Pork belly (ask your butcher to remove the skin but leave the rib bones in)

150g diced pancetta

200g black pudding

1 frizze of Lettuce

250g ruby chard

For dressing:

1 punnet fresh redcurrants

1 lemon

1 orange

4 heaped tbsp of redcurrant jelly

1tsp ground ginger

For pork:

2 white onions

1 head of garlic

2 carrots

sprig of thyme

chicken stock

1 Preheat oven to 150°c. Roughly chop onions, carrots and garlic and place them in a deep baking tray.

2 Place the sprig of thyme and the pork belly in a tin, season with salt and pepper and cover with chicken stock. Cover tightly with foil and bake for 2-3 hours or until soft and tender.

3 Carefully remove pork belly from the stock and leave to cool, flesh side down on a baking tray.

4 Remove all the rib bones and cartilage from the belly, wrap in cling film and sandwich between two baking trays, using something heavy to press it flat. Place the pork in the fridge for 6-12 hours to set.

5 Once set, cut pork belly into ½ inch slices.

6 Heat a non-stick frying pan and begin to brown pork on a medium heat. Add the diced pancetta and diced black pudding to the pan.

7 Drain off any excess fat and continue to cook until all golden brown and crispy.

8 Wash and drain the salad leaves. Make the dressing by combining all the ingredients together (except the redcurrants) and whisking.

9 In a mixing bowl, mix together the salad, the pork, the bacon and the black pudding and coat with the redcurrant dressing. Divide onto plates and garnish with the fresh redcurrants.

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Pan fried seabass with braised fennel & saffron velute

Serves 4

• 8 seabass fillets, skin on

• 1 large baking potato

• 1/2 celeriac

• 150g spinach

• 100g melted butter

• salt and pepper

• chopped thyme

For velute:

• 5 shallots sliced length ways

• ½ head of garlic

• 15 peppercorns

• sprig of thyme

• 1 bayleaf

• 1tsp Maldon salt

• 1 bottle of Noilly Prat

• 500g double cream

• 1 litre fish stock

• 2g saffron

For braised fennel:

• 4 fennel

• knob of butter

• oil

• thyme

• hot chicken stock

• salt to taste

1 To make the velute, place all ingredients for it (except the double cream and fish stock) in a suitable pot and reduce rapidly until you have 100ml of liquid. Change the pan and add the fish stock to this reduction and again reduce this to 500ml.

2 Transfer to a clean pan and pour in the double cream and fish stock reduction. Bring to the boil for 10 seconds then remove from the heat, taste and season accordingly.

3 Slice the fennel in half, lengthways and remove some of the core. Remove the tops and fronds. Pan fry the fennel cut side down in the oil using plenty of herbs to season.

4 When the fennel has started to brown pour on enough stock to just cover the bulbs. Add a knob of butter and allow to simmer gently for 10-12 minutes.

5 Remove the bulbs, reduce the stock to a glaze and then pour over the fennel.

6 Grate celeriac and potato into a mixing bowl. Squeeze out any excess water from the mixture. Add melted butter, salt and pepper and the chopped thyme. Fry in a hot non-stick frying pan on a medium heat for 8-10 minutes each side until the rosti is golden brown and cooked all the way through.

7 In a hot non-stick frying pan cook the seabass, skin side down for 2-3 minutes until the skin is crisp, then turn over and cook for one more minute.

8 Place spinach in a saucepan, add small knob of butter, pinch of salt and pepper, place the lid on, and allow to wilt for 2-3 minutes.

9 Assemble the plate by starting with the rosti, adding the braised fennel, topping with the seabass (skin side up) and finally the saffron velute.


Chocolate Bomb

Serves 4

200g dark chocolate

50g roasted shelled hazelnuts

2 oranges, zested

1 cap vanilla essence

75g plain chocolate

175g caster sugar

6 eggs, separated

2 level tsp cocoa powder

1 Lightly grease swiss roll tin with baking parchment and preheat oven to 180°c.

2 Melt chocolate slowly in a glass bowl over a pan of hot water, and allow to cool slightly.

3 Place sugar and egg yolks in a bowl and whisk until light and creamy. Add cooled chocolate and stir.

4 Whisk the egg whites in a mixing bowl until stiff, stir a large spoonful of egg whites into chocolate mixture and gently fold in remaining egg whites. Pour into prepared tin and bake for approx 20 mins until firm to the touch.

5 Once cooled cut into required shape to go into your mould/cup/claride mould, and use the cling film to line
your mould.

6 Mix orange zest into the vanilla ice cream and place inside lines mouldVanilla ice cream – Add orange
zest to it and then place inside your lined mould.

7 Once ice cream has set again, cut a lid out and place on top of the ice cream.

8 Chop ¾ of chocolate into a bowl over hot water, making sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water and ensuring the water does not boil. Stir regularly, allowing it to melt smoothly. Check temperature with thermometer and when it reaches 55-58°c remove bowl from bain marie.

9 Add remaining chocolate (chopped) stirring continuously to bring temperature down to 28-29°c. Once you have achieved this temperature pour over your turned out ‘bomb’ – ensure that it is sat on a wire rack on a tray to catch any chocolate that leaks over.

10 Sprinkle with the chopped roasted hazelnuts and serve.