Signature for Bentley

Vertu, the world’s most sought after luxury mobile phone manufacturer, is synonymous with the opulent nature of Bentley: both create products that perform to an unarguably high degree, both ooze an aesthetic of affluence and indulgence, and both dominate the high end of the price margin in their fields (a brand new Bentley will set you back at least £200,000, whilst Vertu’s handsets start from £4,200). Therefore, it’s logical that the two should collaborate to create the ‘Signature for Bentley’, a mobile phone inspired by Bentley’s ultimate automobile, the Mulsanne Speed.

Following the visual appeal of the Mulsanne Speed, the Signature for Bentley features design cues such as stainless steel sides reminiscent of Bentley control knobs, a carbon fibre pillow which mirrors that of the carbon weave design on the car, and Beluga Black calf leather sourced from the same tannery as used by the automotive brand. Most obvious of all is the appearance of the Flying ‘B’ emblem inscribed on the front of the phone, instantly linking the two brands together.

If a client prefers an alternative colour scheme, perhaps to match their phone to their Bentley, they can choose from a massive 2,300 possible colour combinations. Eight bestselling Bentley leather and stitching colours are available, while a contrasting stitch colour can be selected from another eight options. If that isn’t enough, Vertu offer ten of their own Alligator colours to choose from. Black metal or sapphire keys complement a ‘select key’, chosen from one of six gemstones: White Diamond, Black Diamond, Blue Sapphire, Orange Sapphire, Ruby or Tsavorite. Personalise your Signature further by adding your own initials to an engraving plate on the back of the phone.

The Signature for Bentley not only radiates style, but also boasts substance: refined technology delivers sublime acoustics when making and receiving calls; side-mounted speakers enhanced with stereo-widening software ensure rich and accurate sound when used with the speakerphone function or when playing music; and the phone is protected from scrapes and scratches by a screen of sapphire glass, the second-hardest natural material after diamond.

Officially launching on September 18th 2015, the Signature for Bentley will be on display at a number of seasonal events in anticipation of its release, including the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August.


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